Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1939-1945

Millisle Presbyterian Church

Surname Name Rank Regiment Notes
Aiken R. Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force
Aiken S. Leading Seaman Royal Navy
Armstrong I. Auxiliary Territorial Service
Armstrong J. Leading Airman Fleet Air Arm - Royal Navy (L)
Burns M. J. RASL (Cop.)
Burrows W. Royal Marines
Campbell J. Sergeant Royal Ulster Rifles
Coull J. Royal Engineers
Dorrian W. Petty Officer Royal Navy
Finlay R. M. Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force
Finlay W. W. L. (Bombadier) Royal Artillery
Haddock R. Able Seaman Royal Navy
Haire S. M. S.M. E.L.R.
Hamill D. Canadian Army
Hunter W. Corporal Royal Air Force
Kinkead D. Royal Navy
Lunn M. Sergeant Royal Air Force
Magowan R. Royal Air Force
Magowan S. U.R. (R.I.F.)
Martin A. G. Bombadier Royal Artillery
McAllister A. C.Q.M.S. P.C.
McCandless R. Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force
McClintock W. T. Bombadier Royal Artillery
McCullough H. Royal Navy
McKnight J. B. Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force
Millar A. Sergeant Royal Artillery
Mitchell R. J. Petty Officer R.C.N.
O'Neill A. Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force
O'Neill E. Auxiliary Territorial Service
O'Neill Robert John Royal Marine Commandos Died (CWGC; listed with H.M.S. Cornwall)
O'Neill W. J. Fusilier Royal Irish Fuiliers
Orr G. Royal Navy
Startin J. W. E. K.S.L.I.
Thompson D. A. L.C. Auxiliary Territorial Service
Turkington J. B. Corporal Royal Air Force
Walker F. Royal Navy
Wallace J. Sergeant London Irish Rifles
Whiteside J. M. Petty Officer Royal Navy
Wilson G. Royal Marines
Hunter R. K. Engineer Merchant Navy
Lockhart, OBE A. A. Mid-Shipman Merchant Navy
Maxwell, OBE T. Captain Merchant Navy
McColwell J. Engineer Merchant Navy
McCullough W. Merchant Navy
Ogle S. Merchant Navy


Millisle Presbyterian Church War Memorial

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