Soldiers Died in the Great War

Royal Irish Rifles - Those on not listed in SDGW

The following list is extracted from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( and represents those not recorded in "Soldiers Died in the Great War".

Surname Name Initials Age Honours Rank Service No Date of Death Unit Additional Info
Adair W 19 Rifleman 25927 21/08/1920 2nd Battalion Son of Benjamin and Mary Adair, of Drumnanaddy, Blackskull, Dromore, Co. Down.
Aiken J Rifleman 17/1377 22/02/1917 17th Battalion
Albiston G Rifleman 44305 24/03/1919 12th Battalion
Alger Charles Lawrence C L 38 Rifleman 44486 04/09/1919 19th Battalion Husband of Nellie Hughes Alger, of 58, C Block, Lewis' Buildings, Wainer Rd., Camberwell, London.
Allen T Rifleman 9/17 25/12/1918 15th Battalion
Armour W J Rifleman 42558 26/10/1920 2nd Battalion
Ashcroft James Angelo J A 29 Rifleman 42923 23/10/1920 3rd Battalion Son of James and Elizabeth Ashcroft; Husband of Edith Dorothy Ashcroft, of 1, Dunbar Rd., Forest Gate.
Atkinson W Rifleman 16/486 28/03/1917 6th Battalion
Atkinson William W 19 Rifleman 23837 16/08/1919 "D" Coy. 3rd Battalion Son of William James and Mary Atkinson, of 101, Mountcollyer Rd., Belfast.
Bacon W J 41 Rifleman 24 06/02/1915 12th Battalion Husband of Catherine Bacon, of 9, Bazaar St., Portrush, Co. Antrim.
Baird J 19 Rifleman 11886 24/12/1915 15th Battalion Son of James and Elizabeth Baird, of 23, Arlington St., Belfast.
Bannon J 35 Lance Corporal 1862 28/05/1919 1st Battalion
Barlow George Edward G E 27 Rifleman 43154 06/09/1918 2nd Battalion Son of George and Sarah Ann Barlow, of 23, Lower Market St., Clay Cross, Derbyshire.
Barlowe J A B 23 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant 17230 16/07/1919 19th Battalion Only son of James A. Barlowe, of Dundiven, Craigavad, Belfast, and the late Martha Barlowe.
Bell Hugh H 49 Rifleman 3159 25/01/1917 5th Battalion Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Husband of Mary Anne Bell, of Rathfriland St., Banbridge. Served in the South African Campaign.
Bell J Rifleman 5/4659 03/02/1919 16th Battalion
Bell Robert Joseph R J 22 Sergeant 11/61 01/07/1916 11th Battalion Son of Robert and Rose Ann Bell of Ballyvorally, Glenavy, Co. Antrim.
Bell Thomas T Rifleman 1734 01/07/1916 10th Battalion
Bell William James W J 23 Corporal 12365 01/11/1919 1st Battalion Son of William Bell, of 20, Grantham St., South Circular Rd., Dublin.
Bingham W J N Rifleman 16190 06/08/1918
Blackstock Thomas T 19 Rifleman 23893 22/08/1920 "C" Coy. 2nd Battalion Son of Thomas and Mary Blackstock, of 5, Mersey St., Belfast.
Blair A Rifleman 14010 14/10/1919
Blanchet Jean-Baptiste J B 21 Rifleman 7/8385 09/09/1916 11th Battalion
Booth H 45 Rifleman 937 08/09/1916 Husband of Annie Margaret Booth, of 13, Colchester St., Donegall Rd., Belfast.
Boyd Charles C 30 Rifleman 9235 09/05/1918 3rd Battalion
Boyes C Company Sergeant Major 11646 04/06/1918 19th Battalion
Boyle William W Private 16378 03/08/1918
Brennan Robert R 29 Rifleman 720 13/03/1919 12th Battalion Husband of Janet Brennan, of Factory Row, Woodburn, Carrickfergus.
Brown J Rifleman 7262 18/08/1918
Brown Robert R 20 Rifleman 12/5981 01/07/1916 13th Battalion
Browne S Rifleman 17315 22/03/1918 18th Battalion
Burke Thomas Francis T F 27 Rifleman 5875 10/01/1918 Son of Mrs. Ann Burke, Husband of Emma Amelia Burke, of 9, A. B. Row, Coleshill St., Birmingham.
Burns J Rifleman 9287 19/07/1915 Depot
Burrows J C 29 Corporal 40235 29/03/1918 13th Battalion Son of William and Maggie Ritchie Burrows, of Ballyfrenis, Donaghadee, Co. Down.
Byrne Louis L Private 8645 01/07/1916 1st Battalion
Cairns Isaac I 25 Rifleman 14181 09/06/1918 10th Battalion Son of James and Agnes Cairns, of 53, Jerusalem St., Belfast.
Callaghan J Rifleman 3/10463 17/03/1917 3rd Battalion
Campbell David D 21 Rifleman 1663 07/08/1919 12th Battalion Son of Benjamin and Margaret Campbell, of Cottown, Donaghadee, Co. Down.
Campbell J Rifleman 17348 19/01/1920 2nd Battalion
Campbell W Rifleman 7223 30/04/1917 4th Battalion Husband of Eleanor McCrory (Formerly Campbell), of 11, Enniskillen St., Belfast.
Canham J J 22 Rifleman 7544 09/11/1918 Son of Mrs.W.Canham, of 29, Penrose St., South Lotts Rd., Dublin.
Carberry P Private 23305 13/09/1916 8th Battalion
Carpenter Reginald R Rifleman 44927 07/06/1917 15th Battalion
Carr Wilfred W Rifleman 7211 21/03/1918 16th Batttalion Son of William James and Annie Carr, of 10 Woodcote Avenue, Belfast.
Cavanagh John J 22 Rifleman 7385 11/08/1915 6th Battalion Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Cavanagh, of High Blantyre, Lanarkshire.
Cavanah J Boy 3477 04/07/1916
Chambers John J Rifleman 14289 02/09/1919
Clark H Rifleman G/51 24/01/1916 1st Battalion
Clarke J Rifleman 6969 17/02/1915
Clendinning R A 45 Corporal 18890 11/11/1920 3rd Battalion Husband of Agnes Clendinning, of Riverside, Glenavey, Lisburn.
Clifton A G Rifleman 42526 17/09/1919
Clifton G W Rifleman 45517 04/12/1917 Depot Son of Mr. G. W. Clifton, of 19, Holmewood Rd., South Norwood, London.
Cohen P Rifleman 51945 21/02/1921
Cole J Rifleman 8064 06/07/1919
Collins James Edward J E Colour Sergeant 3/947437 26/11/1918 4th Battalion Husband of Euphemia Collins, of Alexander Cottage, Brodick, Arran.
Conroy R Rifleman 14270 10/06/1918 9th Battalion
Corkin John J 22 Rifleman 17481 06/02/1917 11th Battalion Son of Henry and Elizabeth Corkin, of 83, Gregg St., Lisburn.
Corry R J Rifleman 9877 17/05/1917 Depot
Cosgrove Thomas T 25 Rifleman 3/8316 12/11/1918 2nd Battalion Husband of Alice Cosgrove of Belfast.
Courtney R 21 Private 20/40 13/11/1917 20th Battalion Son of Robert and Elizabeth Courtney, of High St., Ballymena.
Cowell G 49 Rifleman 1310 21/11/1920 "D" Coy. Son of James Cowell; Husband of Annie Cowell, of 31, Pleasant St., Preston. Born at Aberdeen.
Craig T 30 Private 3583 23/12/1915 9th Battalion Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig.
Croft John J 36 Rifleman 120 23/06/1920 Depot, Husband of Jane Croft, of Poyntzpass.
Crompton Alfred A 20 Rifleman 45272 16/08/1917 7th Battalion
Crothers T Rifleman 17/96 25/06/1918
Crowder Mark M 47 Quartermaster Sergeant 10/12640 26/08/1921 10th Battalion
Crozier James J Private 14218 27/02/1916 9th Battalion Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Crozier, of 80, Battenberg Street, Belfast.
Crozier William W 27 Rifleman 6025 19/05/1917 13th Battalion Son of William and the late Henrietta Crozier, of 4, Castle Cottages, Bangor, Co. Down.
Culbert Robert Gilliland R G 20 Lance Corporal 14/7179 02/07/1916 8th Battalion Son of Thomas Henry and Emily Culbert of Antrim Road, Antrim, Belfast.
Cunningham John J 22 Rifleman 9811 09/05/1915 1st Battalion Son of John and Mary Cunningham of Drogheda, Co. Louth.
Cunningham Robert R 21 Rifleman 8/14268 07/07/1916 8th Battalion Son of Thomas and Rebecca Cunningham, of 47, Glenbrook Avenue, Belfast.
Curry Francis F 23 Rifleman 23616 05/08/1919 3rd Battalion Son of Thomas and Sarah Curry, of 30, Warkworth St., Belfast.
D'Arcy M D C M Sergeant 7006334 07/01/1921 Son of Mrs. Elizabeth D'arcy, of 12, Mountjoy St., Dublin.
Davidson William Henry W H 25 Rifleman 18/1241 11/12/1916 9th Battalion Son of William and Elizabeth Davidson, of Lisball, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan.
Davis W 47 Rifleman 16411 21/11/1918 Husband of Fanny Davis, of 103, Charles St. South, Sandy Row, Belfast.
Davison A Rifleman 11/7288 19/03/1919 12th Battalion
De La Lande Arthur A 20 Rifleman 4099 19/05/1916 "D" Coy. 7th Battalion Son of Mary Elizabeth De La Lande. Born in Jersey.
Dean Bertram John B J 28 Rifleman 47638 01/03/1919 2nd Battalion Son of Jane Matilda Dean, of 20, Monarch Rd., Kingsthorpe Rd., Northampton, and the late John Dean. A Repatriated Prisoner of War.
Delap H 22 Rifleman 2685 25/07/1918 7th Battalion Son of William Delap, of Bohemabreeda, Tallaght.
Dickie G Company Quartermaster Sergeant 11623 08/04/1919 17th Battalion
Dolaghan J 40 Rifleman 5701 17/05/1919 2nd Battalion
Donovan J Rifleman 9580 04/04/1920 3rd Battalion
Dorman William John W J 32 Rifleman 240 22/10/1918 16th Battalion Son of Carlisle and Alice Dorman.
Dougherty John Joseph J J 38 Rifleman 40257 20/09/1920 11th Battalion Son of William Dougherty, of Mark Lane, Whitehaven, Cumberland; Husband of Florence Sarah Dougherty, of Paragon House, Bath Rd., Cheltenham.
Douglas H Rifleman 148 17/08/1917 8th Battalion
Dowdell Thomas T Rifleman 9595 26/11/1919
Dowds J Sergeant 4501 06/12/1915
Dowds Joseph J 35 Rifleman 145 01/05/1918 13th Battalion Husband of Elizabeth Dowds, of Monree, Donaghcloney.
Duffield Christopher C Rifleman 13143 01/04/1915 8th Battalion (Served as McPherson). Son of Elizabeth Dougherty (Formerly Duffield, Nee McPherson), of 180, Woodstock Rd., Belfast, and the late Christopher Duffield.
Dyer William W 36 Rifleman 12291 21/03/1918 21st Entrenching Battalion, late 10th Battalion
Edmundson J B Rifleman 24779 11/12/1920 2nd Battalion
Elliott Arthur Thomas A T 33 Rifleman 6527 26/04/1918 Son of Annie Knight (Formerly Elliott), and the late Thomas Elliott; Husband of Louisa Cooper (Formerly Elliott), of 10, Hamilton Buildings, Upper Northgate St., Chester. Born at Kentish Town, London.
Ellis William W 32 Rifleman 6064 20/01/1917 5th Battalion Son of John Rowles Ellis and Jennie Ellis, of Eastbourne; Husband of Angelina Ellis, of Belfast.
Ennis Michael M Rifleman 8094 18/05/1916 7th Battalion
Ewing W G 20 Rifleman 23426 25/08/1920 2nd Battalion Son of Thomas Ewing, of 28, Beverley St., Belfast.
Fahey Nicholas Albert N A 20 Rifleman 5556 24/03/1919 3rd Battalion Son of Mrs. A. J. Fahey, of 65, Viaduct St., Earlestown.
Fairgrieve J Rifleman 7007507 01/06/1921 3rd Battalion
Fanning W Rifleman 16123 03/06/1916 1st Battalion
Finn Thomas T 24 Rifleman 15/12781 23/11/1918 Depot Son of William and Annie Finn, of 19, Shipbuoy St., Belfast.
Fitzsimmons P Sergeant 9484 30/01/1919
Flanagan Robert R 24 Rifleman 4835 25/09/1915 2nd Battalion Son of John and Matilda Flanagan, of Newry St., Banbridge, Co. Down.
Flanagan T Rifleman 3108 14/10/1918
Fleming William Joseph W J 23 Rifleman S/10035 14/10/1918 7th Battalion Son of William Fleming, of Belfast, and the late Mary Fleming.
Fletcher R Rifleman 6049 24/10/1920 7th Battalion Son of Robert Fletcher, of Blaris.
Flood Thomas T 24 Rifleman 892 04/03/1919 1st Garrison Battalion
Freeburn J 28 Sergeant 4218 04/01/1917 5th Battalion Son of John and Elizabeth Freeburn, of 4, Red Row, Laurencetown, Co. Down.
Frith George G 20 Rifleman 1381 28/05/1915 2nd Battalion Son of Walter S. and Mary Jane Frith, of 14 Reginald St., Peel Green, Manchester.
Fullerton George Edmund G E 21 Rifleman 20/58 19/03/1917 "A" Coy. 13th Battalion Son of Ellen Fullerton of 9, Clonavon Rd., Ballymena, Co. Antrim and the late John Fullerton. Born at Ahoghill.
Gaffney J Rifleman 5751 24/02/1919 Son of Mrs. Gaffney, of 33 Haroldville Avenue, Dolphin's Barn, Dublin.
Gallagher Thomas T Rifleman 7908 14/10/1918 4th Battalion Son of John and Mary Gallagher, of Castle St., Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.
Gamble J 47 Rifleman 3/7335 08/03/1918 6th Battalion Son of Michael and Kate Gamble, of Cork; Husband of Annie Gamble, of 3, Grattan St., Cork.
Gamble Robert R 28 Company Quartermaster Sergeant 8833 26/04/1916 2nd Battalion Husband of Hilda F. Bass (Formerly Gamble), of "El Nido," Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Born at Dublin. Proceeded To France Aug., 1914, Twice Wounded.
Gartland Felix F 63 Rifleman 9389 10/10/1918 Son of James Gartland, of Lisavery, Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh.
Gault Thomas John T J 36 Rifleman 9470 18/06/1917 2nd Battalion Son of Mrs. Nancy Gault, of Market St., Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.
Geddis Joseph J 25 Sergeant 17694 02/04/1917 13th Battalion Son of James and Susan Geddis; Husband of Annie Geddis, of Lake View, Lurgan, Ulster. Born at Ballagh, Co. Down.
Geraghty M 54 Rifleman 4/1192 16/11/1918 Husband of Ellen Geraghty, of 21, Hendrick St., Dublin.
Gibb James J 29 Private 12269 05/10/1914 15th Battalion
Gillen J Rifleman 571 19/03/1921 Son of Mrs. Agnes McCormick, of 4, Helen St., Crumlin.
Gionta J L Rifleman 8701 24/09/1920 4th Battalion
Glendinning Thomas T 22 Rifleman 10944 21/07/1921 "D" Coy. 3rd Battalion Son of John and Agnes Glendinning, of Union Lane, Newtownards.
Glover Alexander A 24 Rifleman G/695 09/02/1919 16th Battalion Son of Alexander Glover of Castle St., Comber.
Gordon S M Rifleman 17733 03/07/1916 13th Battalion
Gordon Thomas T 24 Lance Corporal 20/29 11/06/1918 16th Battalion Husband of Bridget Gordon, of Gallows St., Dromore.
Gorring C Company Quartermaster Sergeant 12831 24/05/1915
Graham J 52 Rifleman 12/6517 15/08/1920 12th Battalion Husband of Elizabeth Graham, of 33, Balfour Place, Mark St., Newtownards.
Graham W 21 Rifleman 3208 02/05/1919 1st Battalion Son of Robert and Helena Graham, of 3, Coburg St., Belfast.
Gray S 20 Private 19000 24/03/1918 13th Battalion Son of Mr. R. Gray, of 80, Canal St., Newry, Co. Down.
Greenan John J Rifleman 9012 14/12/1920 1st Bn Husband of Minnie Greenan of 10, Pipe Street, Portobello.
Gregory O C Rifleman 4116 06/12/1917 7th Battalion
Griffith Joseph J 19 Rifleman 3/8974 10/08/1915 2nd Battalion
Hall Alfred A 38 Rifleman 45488 22/03/1918 6th Battalion Son of the late Alfred and Sarah Jane Hall.
Halliday Stephen S 44 Rifleman 5525 23/11/1917 5th Battalion Husband of Caroline Halliday, of 62, Douglas St., Belfast.
Hampson James William J W 29 Rifleman 42876 24/03/1918 2nd Battalion Husband of Mary Ellen Hampson, of Rawtenstall, Lancs.
Harbinson T Rifleman 633 17/07/1920
Harvey Frederick George F G 18 Lance Corporal 9660 15/10/1918 12th Battalion Son of Joseph and Mary Harvey, of 5, Pacific Avenue, Antrim Rd., Belfast. Born Bedford.
Harvey J 38 Rifleman 17790 31/12/1916 13th Battalion Son of William and Mary Harvey; Husband of Martha Harvey, of 69, Mark St., Newtownards. Born at Newtownards.
Harvey R Rifleman 18/976 12/11/1918 18th Battalion
Hayes R Private 4045 25/07/1918 11th Battalion
Hearne G Rifleman 518265 15/09/1916 7th Battalion
Heath L Rifleman 25655 28/04/1920 2nd Battalion
Heron A Sergeant 7271 15/09/1916 4th Battalion
Hill Arthur A Company Sergeant Major 9/16552 24/08/1919 9th Battalion son of the late Arthur and Ann J. Hill; Husband of Alice Hill, of 89, Enfield St., Belfast.
Hinch Fred Augustus F A 26 Lance Corporal 8724 28/11/1916 Depot Son of William and Susan Hinch, of Celbridge.
Hobbs Thomas Henry T H Rifleman 3/7001 27/04/1918
Hogan John J 25 Private 8699 16/08/1917 7th Battalion Son of Daniel and Anne Hogan, of 36, Annesley Avenue, North Strand, Dublin; Husband of Mary Ferguson (Formerly Hogan), of 7, Hogan's Place, Fenien St., Dublin.
Hooks Samuel S 46 Rifleman 3/9415 30/05/1918 3rd Battalion Husband of Martha Hooks, of 20, Caledonian St., Belfast.
Hooley Albert A 29 Rifleman 47645 30/10/1918 2nd Battalion Husband of Martha Hooley, of 58, Lord Haddon Rd., Ilkeston.
Houston T Rifleman 17895 14/07/1920 12th Battalion
Houston W Rifleman 10445 10/04/1919
Hughes W 34 Rifleman 4568 17/03/1920 7th Battalion Son of James and Margaret Hughes, of Bridge St., Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
Huston S 45 Rifleman 14933 28/09/1919 Son of Hugh Huston, of 24, Lismore St., Belfast; Husband of Isabella Huston.
Hyndman J 44 Rifleman 7261 14/11/1917 11th Battalion Husband of Rose Hyndman, of Suffolk, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
Ingerson H Rifleman 52172 29/12/1919 15th Battalion
Irwin James J 22 Rifleman 7/8557 06/08/1916 7th Battalion (Served As Duggan). Son of James and Mary Ann Irwin, of 19, Mill Row, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
Johnston Alexander A 23 Rifleman 16382 24/03/1918 2nd Battalion
Johnston Archibald Mason A M 44 Lance Corporal 17973 11/02/1919 Son of Mrs. Ellen Duff, of 34, Carson St., Larne; Husband of the late Mary Catherine Johnston.
Kane J 38 Rifleman 736 29/05/1920 18th Battalion Son of James and Jane Kane; Husband of Elizabeth Kane, of Kinallen, Dromara. Born at Kinallen.
Kane R Rifleman 18/375 28/03/1920
Keenehan J Corporal 619 29/11/1919 1st Garrison Battalion
Kelly J 38 Rifleman 4010 09/03/1919 Husband of Ellen Foy (Formerly Kelly), of 6, Brook St., Runcorn.
Kelly P Rifleman 7558 23/11/1919 15th Battalion
Kendrick Ernest E 37 Company Sergeant Major 4215 12/03/1915 1st Battalion Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Son of Mrs. Mary Evans; Husband of Elsie Bertha Davie (Formerly Kendrick), of 129, Thornton St., Collyhurst, Manchester.
Kennedy Richard R 38 Private G/33 02/08/1918 2nd Battalion Son of John and Mary Jane Kennedy, of Belfast, Co. Antrim.
Kernaghan W J Rifleman 9363 07/07/1918
Kerr Arthur A 24 Rifleman 12/277 03/10/1918 Son of Mary Kerr, of Ballyhenry, Carnmoney, and the late James Kerr. Born at Ballycraigy.
Killeen P M M Rifleman 6782 12/06/1920 2nd Battalion
Kilpatrick J Corporal 7168 18/03/1915 1st Battalion
King J S 48 Rifleman 15047 02/10/1918 8th Battalion Husband of the late Mary J. King.
King R Rifleman 8373 02/03/1915 2nd Battalion
Kinnaird A Rifleman 18/1626 03/11/1917 10th Battalion
Kirkpatrick John J 20 Rifleman 10782 27/12/1917 3rd Battalion Son of James Kirkpatrick, of 59, Castlereagh Rd., Belfast.
Lamont William W 40 Rifleman 17/1461 26/04/1916 10th Battalion Husband of Sarah Jane Lamont, of 21, Buller Street, Old Park Road, Belfast.
Lane Samuel Boaden S B 35 Lance Corporal 26616 20/09/1918 7th (South Irish Horse) Battalion Son of Samuel Henry and Annie Lane, of Worton Manor, Isleworth, Middx. Managing Director of Messrs. Barrow, Lane & Ballard, Ltd., London and Liverpool. Native of London.
Larkin Patrick Joseph P J 17 Rifleman 23610 16/02/1919 3rd Battalion Son of James and Elizabeth Larkin, of 44, Elmfield St., Belfast.
Laverty James J 22 Rifleman 20404 22/02/1920 Depot Son of Francis and Margaret Laverty, of 20/117, Bouverie St., Port Glasgow. Born at Liscolman, Belfast.
Leacock H Rifleman 1189 01/07/1916 10th Battalion
Lee A E 34 Rifleman 15/44925 21/03/1918 15th Battalion Son of George and Anne Lee; Husband of Alice Mary Lear (Formerly Lee), of 229, Harvist Rd., Kensal Rise, London.
Lewis H Rifleman 45083 26/06/1917 10th Battalion Son of Mr. L. Lewis, of 25, Graham Rd., Dalston, London.
Lewis S J 19 Rifleman 2915 22/03/1916 14th Battalion Son of Samuel J. and Mary Lewis, of Belfast, Co. Antrim.
Long John J Rifleman 20/158 16/12/1918
Love William W 31 Sergeant 6672 10/05/1919 1st Battalion Son of Robert James and Rachel Love, of Scotch St., Downpatrick.
Lowry T E Lance Corporal 15177 12/06/1918 10th Battalion Husband of Minnie Lowry, of 33, Matlock St., Belfast.
Lynas B Rifleman G/654 15/04/1919 1st Battalion
Lynn A Rifleman 6729 30/01/1917 16th Battalion Son of Mr. J. Lynn, of 27, Excise St., Belfast.
Macaree Edward Daniel E D 27 Rifleman 43289 05/08/1917 10th Battalion Son of William and Catherine Macaree, of Bethnal Green. His Brother Robert Macaree Also Fell.
Madine Patrick P 38 Rifleman 6073 14/04/1917 7th Battalion Son of Joseph Madine, of Ballynahinch, Co. Down.
Magee W M M Sergeant 12054 16/04/1920
Magill W 26 Sergeant 18423 01/04/1916 13th Battalion Son of James and Sarah Magill, of Hillsborough, Co. Down, Ireland.
Maguire C Rifleman 8426 05/11/1918 7th Battalion
Mallon C S Sergeant Major 6461 25/04/1919 Son of Michael and Mary Mallon; Husband of Margaret Mallon, of 8, North Temple St., Dublin.
Manly R 46 Rifleman 3/6069 10/07/1915 3rd Battalion Husband of C. Manly, of 84, Botanic Rd., Glasnevin, Dublin.
Manson G Private 338 18/10/1917 9th Battalion
Mapp Charles C 24 Rifleman 43233 22/11/1917 15th Battalion Husband of Eliza Ann Mapp, of 209, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
Marshall J Sergeant 7007030 12/07/1921 2nd Battalion
Martin Frank F 31 M M Rifleman 4447 08/08/1917 7th Battalion
Martin George G 20 Rifleman 45226 16/08/1917 7th Battalion Son of George and Jane Martin, of Brixton, London.
Martin John J 36 Rifleman 25680 22/08/1920 2nd Battalion Son of Mary Halliday (Formerly Martin), of 22, Denyer St., Chelsea, London, and the late John Martin.
Mateer J 30 Rifleman 19668 28/08/1918 Son of the late John and Mary Mateer; Husband of Annie Mateer, of 51, Clementine St., Belfast. Born at Belfast.
Matier J 31 Sergeant 2550 09/01/1920 12th Battalion Son of John and Mary Ann Matier; Husband of Margaret Matier, of 49, Antrim St., Lisburn.
Matthews Harold James H J 27 Bandmaster 4761 16/02/1917 1st Battalion Son of James and Amy Mary Matthews (Nee Turner), of "Rosia," Wrecclesham.
Maxwell T Rifleman 8450 29/09/1914
Mears John J T 39 Company Sergeant Major 15/12476 04/07/1917 15th Battalion Son of Samuel and Mary Mears; Husband of Katherine Mears, of 36, Fairbairn St., Glasgow. Served in the South African Campaign. Born at Woolwich, London.
Millar T Rifleman 18471 09/11/1920 12th Battalion
Miller Harry Charles H C 21 Rifleman 16/44540 06/03/1919 Depot Son of William and Alice Miller, of 31, Overbury St., Clapton Park, London. Native of London.
Moffett Archibald A 38 Rifleman 16377 13/10/1917 Depot Son of R. J. Moffett; Husband of Ellen Moffett.
Monnier Paul P 20 Lance Corporal 4/7923 10/06/1917 2nd Battalion Son of Paul and Ellen Monnier, of 9, Great Charles St., North, Dublin.
Montgomery James J 49 Rifleman 3778 31/10/1918 9th Battalion Son of Alexander and Jane Montgomery, of Belfast.
Moore G Sergeant 4664 01/07/1916 9th Battalion
Morrow R Rifleman 6989 24/06/1918 4th Battalion
Moxon Richard Charles R C 22 Rifleman 9337 19/08/1916 3rd Battalion Son of Kate Moxon of Chelsea, London.
Mulholland A Rifleman 13336 02/10/1919
Mullen John J 22 Rifleman 8780 06/02/1919 1st Battalion Son of Michael and Catherine Mullen, of 91, Stirling St., Denny.
Murphy John J 26 Rifleman 7446 14/12/1918 3rd Battalion Husband of the late Margaret Potter (Formerly Murphy), of 25, Edward St., Stockport.
Murphy W 45 Rifleman 7432 17/08/1918 Depot Battalion Son of James Murphy, of Richhill, Armagh.
Myles W T Rifleman 7313 20/02/1919
McAdams A 35 Rifleman 7394 31/05/1920 "C" Coy. 1st Battalion Son of David and Ishabella McAdams, of 20, Fleming St., Belfast.
McAlister J Rifleman 20141 24/01/1918 7th Battalion
McBratney Herbert H 23 Private 14/15335 07/11/1918 14th Battalion Son of James McBratney of Belfast.
McBride Samuel S Rifleman 5009 07/12/1916 2nd Battalion
McCallister H 44 Rifleman 11404 15/09/1915 6th Battalion (Served As McAllister). Son of James and Sarah McCallister, of Downpatrick.
McCann G Rifleman 8329 15/05/1918 Depot
McCann Henry H 24 Rifleman 18201 10/11/1918 13th Battalion Son of William and Isabella McCann, of Glencraig, Craigavad, Co. Down.
McCartney J Rifleman 21129 19/11/1916 8th Battalion
McCartney W 51 Rifleman G/215 02/08/1917 Husband of Nellie McCartney, of Waringstown.
McChesney J Rifleman 18215 29/11/1918 13th Battalion
McClelland Alexander A Rifleman 7610 27/04/1916 4th Battalion Son of James and Agnes McCelland, of Balligan, Kircubbin.
McClure H Rifleman 18231 22/10/1916 13th Battalion Son of Thomas McClure, of 6, Talbot St., Newtownards.
McComb R 43 Rifleman 9039 11/01/1917 3rd Battalion Husband of Mary Ann McComb, of 6, Barrack Lane, Lisburn.
McConkey M Lance Corporal 16704 23/12/1919 12th Battalion
McConnell R Rifleman 2313 08/03/1918 Depot
McCormack Michael M Lance Corporal 7110625 19/12/1920 "D" Coy.
McCormick J Rifleman 48 13/12/1915
McCormick Joseph J 36 Sergeant 9/13070 01/07/1916 9th Battalion
McCormick W J 26 Rifleman 16705 25/07/1919 13th Battalion Son of the late James and Margaret McCormick; Husband of Catherine McCormick, of Moss Vale, Dromore.
McCoy William W 40 Rifleman 3/9987 11/02/1918 1st Battalion Son of Thomas and Esther McCoy. Born at Belfast.
McCracken J F 19 Rifleman 15/13211 19/03/1916 15th Battalion Son of John McCracken.
McCue J P 26 Rifleman 18251 06/02/1919 Depot Son of Elizabeth McCue, of 5, Willowfield Drive, Belfast, and the late Robert McCue.
McCullough T Private 4214 20/10/1918 3rd Battalion
McCurrie W 28 Lance Corporal 8797 19/02/1919 Depot Son of William and Ellen McCurrie, of 171, Snugville St., Belfast.
McDonald E Rifleman 5607 23/11/1919 5th Battalion
McDonald J 24 Private 25541 12/12/1917 7th (South Irish Horse) Battalion Son of John and Bridget McDonald, of Ironmills, Ballinakill, Queen's Co.
McDonald Samuel S Private 45259 16/08/1917 7th Battalion
McElroy Alfred George A G 22 Lance Corporal 7498 07/07/1919 12th Battalion Son of John and Mary Louisa McElroy, of 13, Downshire Rd., Bangor, Co. Down.
McEvoy John J Private 7110816 03/01/1921 2nd Battalion
McGaughey G Rifleman 19081 22/01/1920 13th Battalion
McGee James J 17 Rifleman 5474 21/12/1916 Son of Henry and Ann Jane McGee, of 10, New North Queen St., Belfast.
McGhee James J 22 Rifleman 6/3470 24/03/1918 2nd Battalion
McGimpsey James J 19 Rifleman 181206 01/07/1916 "D" Coy. 11th Battalion Grandson of Martin McGimpsey, of Loughries, Newtownards, Co. Down.
McGinty George G Rifleman 23062 01/07/1916 9th Battalion
McHugh John J 44 Rifleman 21266 30/10/1918 1st Garrison Battalion
McHugh John J 37 Rifleman 3717 01/04/1920 "B" Coy. 7th Battalion Son of the late Thomas and Catherine McHugh. Born at Altrincham, Cheshire.
McIlroy W Rifleman 5519 11/03/1915
McKeever James J 67 Rifleman 3432 02/04/1919 Son of Thomas and Margaret McKeever, of Cavan. Served in the Egyptian (1882-89) and South African Campaigns.
McKernan John J Rifleman 5080 26/02/1919 16th Battalion Son of Mrs. McKernan, of 45, Ashgrove St., Dalmarnock, Glasgow.
McKibben H Rifleman 25772 16/12/1919 2nd Battalion
McKinley William John W J 40 Rifleman 813 28/06/1919 16th Battalion Husband of Mary Ann McKinley, of Mount St., Dromore.
McKissick Thomas T Rifleman 19624 13/08/1917 10th Battalion
McKnight W 25 Rifleman 598 12/12/1917 16th Battalion Son of Wm. and Margaret McKnight, of Caskum Loughbrickland, Banbridge; Husband of Margaret McKnight, of Newry Rd., Banbridge, Co. Down.
McLaughlin R 42 Rifleman 5/11269 16/11/1918 Husband of Elizabeth McLaughlin, of 4, Clyde St., Belfast. Born at Belfast.
McLean Malcolm M 20 Rifleman 4121 02/12/1917 3rd Battalion Son of W. A. and Sarah McLean, of Woodlands, Woodborough, Notts.
McLoughlin J Rifleman 6880 22/09/1918 3rd Battalion
McMullan Robert J. R J 53 Rifleman 730 10/10/1918 Husband of the late Isabella McMullan (Nee Cairns).
McNeilly Thomas T 23 Rifleman 380 24/01/1919 "C" Coy. 18th Battalion Son of William and Elizabeth McNeilly, of Braetown, Glenwherry, Co. Antrim.
McTaggart T Rifleman 6565 23/01/1916 2nd Battalion
Naylor J J Corporal 1285 16/07/1919 1st Garrison Battalion
Neill A Rifleman 110 10/08/1916 20th Battalion
Neill Henry Close Mussen H C M 41 Private S/393090 13/04/1918 3rd Res. Garr. Battalion Son of James and Margaret Neill, of Banbridge, Co. Down.
Nicholson H 22 Rifleman 13/16912 02/09/1919 Son of James and Agnes Gamble Nicholson.
Noone E 42 Rifleman 3/5625 11/03/1916 3rd Battalion Husband of A. Noone, of Abbey St., Naas.
O'Brien Roy Oberall R O 16 Rifleman 25111 29/06/1919 3rd Battalion Son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. O'Brien, of 22, Osgood St., Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
O'Connell Michael M 32 Rifleman 7/8400 29/11/1917 7th Battalion Son of Sarah O'Connell, of Cushendall, Co. Antrim.
O'Connor Firgus F Rifleman 21202 27/08/1918 1st Garrison Battalion
O'Neil J Rifleman 11108 26/10/1916 1st Battalion (Served As Watts).
O'Neill M 29 Rifleman 8691 18/11/1918 "G" Coy. 1st Battalion Husband of Mary Ellen O'Neill, of 98 Ballcan St., Falls Rd., Belfast.
O'Neill Robert R Rifleman 5665 27/10/1914 2nd Battalion
O'Shea J 40 Rifleman 6532 21/02/1919 1st Battalion Husband of Mary O'Shea, of Leamnagullia, Ballyhar, Farranfore, Co. Kerry.
Orr David D 18 Rifleman 12/19161 17/02/1916 "A" Coy. 13th Battalion Son of the late William and Annie Orr. Born at Ballymena.
Orr H Rifleman 10777 14/04/1919 3rd Battalion
Palmer J Rifleman 17/63 01/07/1916 15th Battalion
Parke John J Rifleman 6/11275 26/11/1918 6th Battalion Husband of Mary Parke, of 37, Young St., Lisburn, Co. Down.
Parker Albert A 18 Rifleman 14/3090 16/11/1916 "D" Coy. 14th Battalion Son of George J. and Jane Parker, of 71, Castlereagh St., Belfast.
Parker J 23 Rifleman 5/5749 22/03/1919 Son of James Parker, of 18, Jennymount St., Belfast.
Parkhill J Rifleman 12/864 17/02/1919 12th Battalion
Parkinson P 29 Rifleman 52173 28/11/1919 3rd Battalion Son of William Parkinson, of 39, Station Rd., Garswood, Wigan.
Parritt Francis Edward F E 29 Rifleman 3/5101 30/12/1918 15th Battalion Son of William and Charlotte Parritt, of Gravesend, Kent. Enlisted in 16Th Lancers, 1914.
Phillips J T Rifleman 5695 04/06/1920
Pollock J Rifleman 5573 19/01/1918
Pollock W Rifleman 26055 01/12/1920 2nd Battalion
Purcell H Private 31302 06/10/1919 1st Garrison Battalion Buried in Lebong Cantonment Cemetery.
Quinn Charles Wesley C W 47 Sergeant 11734 19/03/1918 20th Battalion Son of Charles Henry and Jane Isabella Quinn; Husband of Sarah Quinn, of 82, Broom St., Woodvale Rd., Belfast.
Quinn H 28 Rifleman 1296 25/07/1918 Son of John and Bridget Quinn, of 11, Lime St., Great Harwood.
Redmond John J 32 Rifleman 6985 27/10/1914 2nd Battalion (Served As J. Ryan).
Reid A 21 Rifleman 17/215 16/09/1919 Son of William and Grace Reid, of 32, Lilliput St., Belfast.
Reid Robert R 34 Rifleman 17/131 06/09/1918 "D" Coy. 10th Battalion Son of David and Annie Reid. Born at Belfast.
Reilly Bernard B 17 Rifleman 22462 08/04/1918 5th Battalion (Served As O'Reilly, Peter). Son of Peter Reilly, of 8, Middle Gardiner St., Dublin.
Richardson T 26 Rifleman 9487 29/10/1918 1st Battalion
Riley W V 37 Rifleman 24715 16/06/1918 3rd Battalion Son of Marten and Ellen Chanteperdrix, of Dublin; Husband of Mary Riley, of 2, College St. South, Shaw St., Liverpool.
Roberts George G 52 Regimental Sergeant Major 1130 28/04/1920 18th Battalion
Robertson Bernard B 20 Rifleman 45067 06/08/1917 10th Battalion
Robinson Samuel S Rifleman 13/18686 14/03/1920 13th Battalion Husband of Kate Robinson, of South Street, Newtownards.
Rochfort T Rifleman 8367 24/12/1917 2nd Battalion Son of Patrick Rochfort, of Mullagh, Co. Cavan.
Rock John J 24 Rifleman 23390 12/11/1918 3rd Battalion Son of Patrick and Mary Rock, of 14, Macdowall St., Johnstone, Renfrewshire.
Rogers George Arthur G A 18 Lance Corporal 24838 10/08/1920 2nd Battalion Son of Arthur Charles Rogers, of 14, Weiss Rd., Putney, London, and the late Alice Maud Rogers.
Rose William Arthur W A Rifleman 45081 06/08/1917 10th Battalion
Sands Peter P 27 Lance Corporal 8225 15/09/1915 1st Battalion Husband of Elizabeth Sands, of 74, Abyssinia St., Belfast.
Scott J A 20 Lance Corporal 1214 03/01/1919 Depot Son of William Scott, of Ballyward, Banbridge, Co. Down.
Scott R Lance Corporal 8896 10/12/1914 1st Battalion
Scully Henry H 51 Lance Corporal 21189 17/06/1919 1st Garrison Battalion Son of Thomas and Harriet Scully; Husband of Mary Jane Scully, of Leskinfere, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Republic of Ireland.
Sealey Frank David F D 26 Rifleman 44571 21/02/1919 16th Battalion Husband of Lizzie Sealey, of Gold St., Riseley, Bedfordshire.
Shaw A 42 Rifleman 952 27/04/1918 9th Battalion Son of Robert Shaw, of Belfast.
Shaw F Rifleman 345 07/01/1920
Shaw James J 23 Rifleman 42907 05/08/1917 8th Battalion Son of the late William Shaw and of Mrs. Shaw, of 3, Hyman St., London, Ontario, Canada.
Shaw Robert R 21 Rifleman 396 06/09/1918 2nd Battalion Son of Mrs. Rachel Shaw, of 23, Rushfield Avenue, Belfast.
Sheppardson S Corporal 26 06/08/1915 18th Battalion
Shirley J Rifleman 20318 02/10/1918 1st Battalion
Simms R Lance Sergeant 4209 30/08/1918 2nd Battalion Husband of Annie Simms, of 6, Annalee St., Belfast.
Simpson James J 21 Rifleman 881 01/07/1916 13th Battalion
Sloan Samuel Fisher S F 23 Corporal 18781 25/10/1918 12th Battalion Son of the late Samuel C. and Sarah Sloan; Husband of Mrs. Sloan, of 11, Meadow St., Larne.
Smith H Rifleman 26167 16/07/1920
Smith John J 45 Private 17/471 21/06/1918 10th Battalion Son of David and Catherine Smith, of 111, Bray St., Belfast.
Smyth P 28 Rifleman 8297 21/10/1914 2nd Battalion Son of Mrs. Catherine Smyth, of 10, New Lodge Place, Belfast.
Smyth R 38 Rifleman 15/12431 25/09/1919 19th Battalion Husband of Maggie Smyth, of 139, Leopold St., Belfast.
Stevenson Ernest E 20 Rifleman 6014 01/07/1916 13th Battalion
Stewart C 38 Corporal 8396 14/12/1918 1st Battalion Son of John and Mary Stewart, of 3, Legmail St., Ballysillon Rd., Belfast.
Stewart James J 20 Rifleman 11455 05/09/1915 6th Battalion
Stirling P Rifleman 5210 30/10/1918 2nd Battalion
Stritch F 28 Lance Corporal 5/8170 14/12/1918
Stuart W Rifleman 7007897 02/08/1921 2nd Battalion
Sturgeon R Rifleman 4289 01/12/1914
Sullivan P Rifleman 20223 09/02/1916 4th Battalion
Tapping C E Sergeant 19955 20/07/1918 12th Battalion
Taylor J Rifleman 40057 22/01/1919 2nd Battalion
Templeton J Rifleman 15/890 19/03/1916 15th Battalion Son of Mr. Templeton, of 12, Enfield St., Belfast.
Thompson J Rifleman 337 20/08/1920 16th Battalion
Thompson William W 30 Rifleman 7625 10/02/1919 6th Battalion
Topping Henry H 20 Corporal 11/18838 16/08/1917 11th Battalion Son of Henry and Mary Topping, of 124, Longstone St., Lisburn, Co. Antrim.
Totten W 50 Rifleman 77 08/03/1915 16th Battalion Husband of Elizabeth J. Totten, of Main St., Tandragee, Portadown.
Touhy M Private 1718 20/03/1917 2nd Garrison Battalion (Served As Ryan).
Tyrell M Corporal 3/5697 10/11/1918 3rd Battalion Husband of B. Tyrell, of 25, King's Avenue, Ballybough, Dublin.
Vogan W Rifleman 10646 17/06/1918
Waddell Frederick William F W 36 Rifleman 13768 20/09/1915 "A" Coy. 8th Battalion Son of Robert Henry and Mary J. Waddell; Husband of Margaret Waddell, of 14, Brandon Avenue, Toronto, Canada. Born at Belfast.
Walker John Porter J P 25 Corporal 8/957 21/03/1918 8th Battalion Husband of Sarah Jane Walker, of 29, Foxglove St., Belfast.
Walsh James J 25 Rifleman 7/5997 19/01/1919 7th Battalion Son of Mrs. Mary Walsh, of Upper Bluepool, Kanturk, Co. Cork.
Watson Joseph J Rifleman 814 01/07/1916 13th Battalion Son of John and Mary Ann Watson, of 114, Victoria St., Lurgan.
Webb William James W J Rifleman 998 08/07/1918 16th Battalion
Webster Thomas T 21 Private 9594 09/05/1915 Son of Thomas and Margaret Webster, of Armagh.
Weir A 21 Rifleman 2750 23/01/1919 12th Battalion Son of Mrs. Margaret Weir, of Church St., Bushmills.
Weir C J Rifleman 8537 30/10/1916
Weir M 27 Rifleman 12/19310 12/01/1919 12th Battalion Son of Mrs. Charlotte Weir, of 9, Coronation Terrace, Glynn Rd., Larne.
Whelan John J 36 Rifleman 7412 04/11/1918 2nd Battalion Son of John and Teresa Whelan; Husband of Margaret Whelan, of 20, James St., Dublin. Native of Dublin.
Whitelaw James J 50 Rifleman 11290 10/05/1920 6th Battalion Son of James and Mary Ann Whitelaw; Husband of Mary Ann Whitelaw, of Bridge St., Downpatrick. Born at Downpatrick.
Whiteside W Rifleman 6120 15/01/1916 Son of William and Jane Whiteside; Husband of Sarah Ferrin (Formerly Whiteside), of 3, Ardilaun St., Belfast. Born at Belfast.
Whitley R 46 Rifleman 12456 14/12/1915 17th Battalion
Whittle Thomas John D'authreau T J D Sergeant 4214 30/10/1918
Williamson Archie A 20 Rifleman 19/550 21/03/1918 12th Battalion Son of David and Jane Eliza Williamson, of 108, Crumlin Rd., Belfast.
Wilson D 30 Rifleman 16060 28/12/1916 10th Battalion Husband of Mrs. E. Montgomery (Formerly Wilson), of 56, Centre St., Whiteinch, Glasgow.
Wingrove H Sergeant 6508 21/09/1914 1st Battalion
Wright Arthur Thomas A T 29 Lance Corporal 44164 06/09/1918 2nd Battalion Husband of Constance Maud Wright, of 7, Smith St., Clerkenwell, London.
Yates H Rifleman 15/52406 14/09/1918 15th Battalion
Young Thomas T 25 Rifleman 1057 21/03/1918 1st Battalion
Young W Rifleman 1143 31/01/1920 1st Battalion
Young William W 21 Rifleman 1196 07/10/1918 9th Battalion Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Young, of 11, Beresford St., Belfast.
ALEXANDER Robert R 19 Lance Corporal 6251 01/07/1916 13th Battalion Son of James and Isabella Alexander, of Ballygraney, Co. Down. Also, his brother William Alexander fell.
BALMER Edward E Private 8631 18/03/1917 3rd Battalion
DONNELLY J Rifleman 6971 18/11/1918 2nd Battalion


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