The Witness - Saturday, 7 February, 1874


ASHTON--Feb. 3, at 18 Catherine Place, Bangor, the wife of Navigating Lieutenant Ashton, Royal Navy, of a son.

BLAIR--Feb. 2, at 3 Lavinia Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast, Mrs. Thomas Blair, of a daughter

COMBE--Jan. 30, at 22 James Street South, the wife of J. C. Combe, organ builder, of a daughter.

DEMPSEY--Feb. 3, at 61 Main Street, Ballymoney, the wife of Daniel Dempsey, of a daughter.

ENNIS--Jan. 25, at Mill Street, Newtownards, the wife of Mr. Arthur Ennis, of a daughter.

HOLMES--Feb. 3, at 17 Landscape Terrace, the wife of Mr. Charles Holmes, of a daughter.

HOGG--Jan. 31, at 20 Byron Street, Belfast, the wife of Wm H. Hogg, of a son

MANNA--Feb. 2, at 44 Clifton Park Avenue, Belfast, the wife of John Hanna, of a daughter.

MONK--Jan. 29, at Donaghadee, the wife of Mr. John Monk, of a son.

PARR--Jan 21, at Willow Cottage, New Ferry, Birkenhead, the wife of Mr G. Parr, of a daughter.


CAMPBELL--KYLE--Jan. 27, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Moneymore, by the Rev. H. B. Wilson, Wm. E Campbell, Esq., Glasgow, to Eliza Jane Kyle, only daughter of James Kyle, Esq., Cookstown.

EMERSON--GILPIN--Jan. 31, in the Presbyterian Church, Loughbrickland, by the Rev. William Gordon, Robt. Emerson, of Tandragee, to Letitia, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Dynes Gilpin, of Drumgor, Lurgan.

GALLAGHER--WARD--February 3, at the Catholic Church, Holywood, by the Rev. James O'Laverty, P.P., assisted by the Rev. Father Rogers, Ardee, William Gallagher, Esq., solicitor, Dungannon, to Maggie, daughter of Thomas Ward, Esq., Walmer Terrace, Holywood.

GREER--BYRNE--Jan. 31, in the First Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street, Belfast, by the Rev. John Scott Porter, Wm. Henry Greer, to Margt Byrne, Belfast

LAMON--HENDERSON--Jan. 23, at the Presbyterian Church, Bellaghy, by the Rev. W. Reid, Thomas W. Lamon, Blackhill, to Sarah A. Henderson, Drumlamph.

M'KAY--GUNNING--Jan. 29, at Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. W. M'Ilwaine, A.M., Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone, assisted by the Rev. J. M'Auley, A.M., Donaghadee, Foster M'Kay, Aughnacloy, to Mary, daughter of John Gunning, Ballyhay, Donaghadee,

QUINN--M'CAVANAGH--Jan. 31, at St. Malachy's Catholic Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Father Ryan, C.C., Patrick Quinn, Esq., George's Street, Dublin, to Roseanna, youngest daughter of John M'Cavanagh, Adelaide Street, Belfast.


AINSWORTH--Jan. 31, Jane, relict of the late Thos. Ainsworth, Esq , aged 83 years

BELL--Feb. 3, at Rantalard, Whitehouse, Richard Bell, aged 22 years, youngest son of the late Jacob Bell, Esq.

CAIRNS--Feb. 3, at 43 Wilton Street, Belfast, Wm. H. L. Cairns, aged 3 years and 6 months.

CAMPBELL--Jan. 31, at Cultra, James Campbell, Esq., aged 32 years.

DAVISON--Jan. 29, at the residence of his father, Church Farm, Craigs, Ballymena, James H. Davison, late of Greencastle, Belfast.

FUREY--Jan. 30, at his residence, Killyleagh, Mr. James Furey, innkeeper.

GILBERT--Feb. 4, at 53 Upper Arthur Street, Mr. William Gilbert, aged thirty-six years.

MILLAR--Feb 2, at his residence, 10 Claremont Terrace, Belfast, George Millar, aged 76 years.

M'lLWEE--Jan. 30, at 67 Carrick Hill, Mr. John M'Ilwee, compositor, aged 71 years.

RAMSEY--February 1, at 63 Great Patrick, Street, of acute bronchitis, Margaret Wightman, wife of Sinclare Ramsey.

SMYTH--Jan. 30, at 4 Regent Street, Belfast, Ann Jane, wife of Mr. John Smyth.

STEWART--Jan. 28, at his residence, Brookvale, the Rev. John Stewart, senior minister of the congregation of Portstewart, in the 72nd year of age, and the 45th of his ministry.

STORMONT--Jan. 30, at her residence, Court Square, Newtownards, Jane, wife of David Stormont

TATE--Feb. 2, at his residence, Irish Street, Downpatrick. Mr. Francis Tate.



THE following members have been returned in Ireland:--

Armagh City--J. Vance, Conservative.
Bandon-- A. L. Wanston, Liberal (new member).
Carlow County--H. Bruen, Conservative; A. Kavanagh, Conservative.
Downpatrick--John Mulholland, Conservative (new member).
Dublin University--Dr. Ball, Conservative; Hon. D. Plunket, Conservative.
Dublin County--Colonel Taylor, Conservative; I. T. Hamilton. Conservative.
Kinsale--Collins, Home Ruler (new member).
Kerry County -- Captain Herbert, Liberal; Blennerhassett, Home Ruler.
Kilkenny City--Sir J. Gray, Home Ruler.
Lisburn--Sir E. Wallace, Conservative,
Londonderry--Mr. Lewis, Conservative.
Mallow--J. G. MacCarthy, Home Ruler.
Newry--W. Whitworth, Liberal.
Portarlington--Colonel D. Darner, Conservative.
Sligo County--Sir R. Brook, Conservative; O'Conor, Liberal.
Youghal--Sir J. N. M'Kenna, Home Ruler.


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The Witness - Saturday, 14 February, 1874


COLVILLE--Feb. 10, at Belfast, the wife of Captain Charles Colville, 11th Regiment, and Brigade Major, Belfast, of twin sons--one stillborn.

CUTHBERT--Feb. 8, at 55 Grosvenor Street, Belfast, the wife of Robert Cuthbert, of a son.

GILMORE--Feb. 2, at Ballyclare, the wife of Mr. Robert Gilmore, of a daughter.

HOLMES--Feb. 7, at Portstewart, the wife of the Rev. John Gordon Holmes, of a daughter.

MAYNE--Feb. 7, at Edenview, Sydenham, the wife of Alex. S. Mayne, Esq., of a daughter.


BINGHAM--GAMBLE--Feb. 7, at the First Presbyterian Church, Dromore, by the Rev. Robert Millar, Mr. Wm. Bingham, to Miss Jane Gamble, both of Drummillar, Dromore.

BLAIN--M'CANCE--Feb. 5, at the First Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee, by the Rev. John M'Auley, Wm. Blain, Ballywalter, to Eliza, eldest daughter of James M'Cance, Ballywalter, Donaghadee.

DYER--DAVIDSON--Feb. 10, at Donegall Square Wesleyan Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Wm. P. Appelbe, LL.D., Samuel Dyer, to Mary Davidson, both of Belfast.

GALLAGHER--WARD --Feb. 3, at Holywood, Wm. Gallagher, Esq, Solicitor, Dungannon, to Maggie, daughter of Thomas Ward, Esq., Walmer Terrace, Holywood.

M'CAUSLAND--TAYLOR--Feb. 4, at St. Stephens Church, Belfast, by the Rev. R. Irvine, Thomas M'Causland, Belfast, to Margaret Taylor, daughter of the late Mr. John Taylor, Mount Pleasant, Ballinderry.


ANDERSON--Feb. 11, at 61 North Boundary Street, Belfast, Mr. John Anderson, aged 60 years.

BOYD--Feb. 10, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. James Hamilton, Glasgow, John B. Boyd, late of Kilmore, Co. Down.

BULLICK--Feb. 5, at his residence, Ballymacrandle, Portadown, Mr. Ralph Bullick, aged 70 years.

DICKSON--Feb. 10, at her residence, Antrim, Martha, relict of the late Edmund Dickson, aged 81 years.

GREEN--Feb. 9, at Cairo, Forster Henry Green, aged 25, only son of Forster Green, of Belfast.

KENNEDY--Feb. 6, at Carrickfergus, Charlotte Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Kennedy, formerly of Grove Green, Lisburn, aged 16 years.

MENARY--Feb. 7, at his residence, Maghery House, Armagh, Wm. Menary, Esq., aged 36 years.

M'CREA--Feb 4, at the residence of his uncle, Dr. Moreland, 83 Corporation Street, Belfast, George T. Coleman, youngest son of John M'Crea, Esq.



Lord E. Hill-Trevor (Conservative), ... ... 5,020
James Sharman Crawford (Liberal), ... ... 4,814
Col. Wm. B. Forde (Conservative), ... ... 4,683

Hamilton and Conolly returned.

Captain Macartney (In. C.) ... ... 4,700
Captain Corry (C.) ... ... 3,057
Lord C. Hamilton (C.) ... ... 2,907

The polling took place on Thursday. Result not known at hour of going to press.

On TUESDAY Evening 10th February, 1874,

The Rev. WM. JOHNSTON, Moderator of the General Assembly, in the chair.

The Report and Statement of Accounts having been read by the Rev. GEORGE SHAW, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:--

I. Moved by Rev. JOHN H. MOORE, seconded by Mr. WM. M'NEILL, and resolved--
"That the Report now read be adopted, printed, and circulated, together with such appendix as the Committee may deem necessary."

II. Moved by the Rev. Dr. ROGERS., seconded by Dr. STEEN, and resolved--
"That, having regard to the progress which the Society is making from year to year, we desire to express our devout thankfulness to that God of all grace, from whom alone all true prosperity cometh, and earnestly urge our friends to prosecute the great work in hand with abounding diligence, faith, and prayer."

III. Moved by Rev. Mr. WYLIE, seconded by Mr. JOHN M'KEE, and resolved--
"That, having evidence of the general educational advance of these days, and persuaded of the immense importance of the Sabbath-school Teacher occupying the vantage ground, we would earnestly recommend all our Teachers to avail themselves of the various helps within their reach for the thourough preparation of the Sabbath Lesson."

IV. Moved by Rev. J. DEWAR, seconded by Rev. Dr. M'CLOSKIE, and resolved--
That the following be the Office-bearers for the ensuing year :--

The Moderator of the General Assembly.

The Conveners of the Mission Schemes--
Rev. W. F. Stevenson.
Rev. William M'Clure.
Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick.
Rev. Prof. Rogers.
Rev. J. S. Macintosh.
*Rev. J. Macnaughtan.
*Rev. L. E. Berkeley.
Rev. Dr. Smyth.

Thomas McClure.
Sir E. Coey, J.P., D.L.
*Hugh Henry Boyd.
Rev. J. Kinghan.
John Getty.
William Todd.
Hugh Moore.
Charles Finlay, J.P.
Rev. Henry M'Caw.

*Rev. Dr. Knox.
Rev. John Meneely.
*Rev T. Y. Killen.
*Rev. Henry Osborne.
Rev. John Moran.
*Rev. J. H. Moore.
Rev. Joseph Barklie.
Rev. W. Todd Martin.
Rev. J. K. Leslie.
Rev. Robert Park.
Rev. A. C. Murphy.
Rev. R. M'C. Edgar.
Rev. Alex. Gray.
Rev. F. Petticrew.
Rev. Wm. M'llwaine.
Rev. D. J. Clarke.
Rev. Wm. M'llwrath.
Rev. Jas. Warwick.
*Rev. H. M. Williamson.
Rev. Jackson Smith.
Rev. J. M. Rodgers.
Counsellor Gibson.
Thos. Sinclair, J.P.
Thos. M'Mullan.
*Robert Maffill.
*Archibald Kent.
John Lowry.
John Arnold.
*Wm. M'Neill
Francis Brown.
William Bell.
*John Jardin.
J. P. Corry, J.P., M.P.
*William Edgar.
Samuel M'Bride.
H. M'Cleery.
*Jas. Montgomery.
Aaron Baxter, Derry.
T. A. Dixon, M.P., Dungannon.
J. Brown, Donoughmore.
T. C. Dickie, Omagh.
Jas. Trimble, Strabane.
S. Steele, Bushmills.
J. Cuthbert, Coleraine.
John Huey, Coleraine.
D. Martin, Newry.
A. D. Lemon.
Joseph Lytle.
*Wm. Shaw.
James Sharman Crawford, M.P.
David Smith.
David Carmichael.
*Wm. S. Workman.
J. Nesbitt, Newry.
D. M'llwain, Ballynahinch.
Wm. Martin, Ramelton.
W. Glass, Portglenone.
Wm. M'Carter, jun., Derry.
Thomas Small, Keady.
T. Jamison, Dromore.
J. M'Geagh, Cookstown.
J. Beatty, Ballymena.
D. Druminond, Dublin.
J. Keown, Monaghan.
Wm. Dripps, Kilrea.
J. Hill, Markethill.
J. M.M'Clenaghan, J.P., Rathfriland.
William Smyth, Banbridge.
R. J. Bell, Ballywooley.
Joseph Rea, Boardmills.
John Cooke, Garvagh.
John Ellison, Lisburn.
R. Alexander, Carrickfergus.
A. Hutchinson, Doagh.
W. M'Clintock, Raphoe.
J. Charlton.

Executive Committee (*)

T. H. Boyd.

Rev. William Johnston.
Rev. George Shaw.

Robert M'Hinch.

Hugh Aikin.


HELD IN The ASSEMBLY'S HALL, May Street, Belfast,
On MONDAY EVENING. February 9th, 1874,

Moved by HUGH MOORE. Esq.; seconded by CHARLES FINLAY, Esq., J.P.--
"That the Mayor of Belfast take the Chair."

The Rev. WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Hon. Secretary, read the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts.

Moved by the MAYOR, seconded by Rev. ANDREW C. MURPHY, Derry--
"That the Report now read be adopted, and printed, with the Statement of Accounts."

Moved by JAS. T. BRISTOW, Esq., J.P., seconded by Rev. GEORGE SHAW--
"That this meeting expresses its gratitude to Almighty God for the success which He had vouchsafed to the Society, and commends its claims afresh to the sympathy and support of His people."

Moved by Rev. GEORGE BELLIS, seconded by WM. L. FINLAY, Esq.--
"That, as some recognition, although wholly inadequate, of the valuable services rendered to the Society by the Honorary Secretary and Mrs. Johnston, this meeting hereby constitutes and recognises the Rev. William Johnston and his highly esteemed partner Life Governors of the Presbyterian Orphan Society."

Moved by Dr. J. MILFORD BARNETT, seconded by Rev. R. J. ARNOLD--
"That the thanks of the Meeting be given to their President, Honorary Secretary, Directors, Executive Committee, Local Secretaries, Collectors, and the many friends of all denominations who have so generously contributed to the funds of the Society,"

Moved by the Rev. T. Y. KILLEN, seconded by JOHN COATES, Esq.--
"That the following constitute the

Sir E. Coey, D.L., J.P.

Barbour, John
Barnett, Surgeon J. Milford, M.D., H.M. Indian Army.
Brown, John S.
Charters, John
Carmichael, Wm.
Carson, William
Duffin, Charles
Dunbar, Miss
Drury, Thomas, J.P.
Ekin, Samuel
Finlay, Charles, J.P.
Finlay, Mrs., Chester
Finlay, William L.
Ferguson, Thos., J.P.
Findlater, Adam
Getty, John
Greer, James
Gardner. Archibald
Hanson, John
Herdman, A. F., J.P.
Johnson, Lady
Johnston, Rev. Wm.
Johnston, Mrs. Wm.
Johnston, Dr. H. M.
Kennedy, James, J.P.
Knox, Rev. Dr.
Kirk. Wm. M., J.P.
Macnanghtan, Rev. J.
Matier, Henry
Martin, Thomas
M'Ferran, John
M'Quiston. Robert
M'Cleery, Hamilton
Stevenson, Hugh
Todd. William, J.P.
Workman, Thomas
Young, William



Brown, James
Corry, Mrs,
Corry, J. P., M.P., J.P.
Drummond, D., J.P.
Hamilton, Megaw, & Thompson
Howe, Miss
Lemon, Archibald D.
Lytle, J. H. & D. B.
Moreland, William
Moore, Hugh
M'Clure, Thos., D.L.
Porter, Robert
Ross, David
Savage, Sir John, J.P.
Taylor, David, J.P.
Tillie, W., J.P.
Workman, Mrs. Robt.

Adams, John, J.P.
Arnold, Rev. R. J.
Arnold, Wilberforce, M.D.
Barkley, Rev. Joseph
Barklie, Alexander, J.P.
Berkeley, Rev. L. E.
Bellis, Rev. George
Bigger, Wm. F., J.P.
Bristow, J. T.
Carson, Rev. Dr.
Cuming, Thos., M.D.
Dickson, Thomas A., J.P.
Frazer, Dr. William
Gibson, James, Q.C.
Leslie. Rev. J. Knox
Lanahan, Thomas
Meneely, Rev. John
M'Clure, Rev. Wm.
M'Adoo, John
Macintosh, P., J.P.
Patterson, James
Park, Rev. William
Rodgers, Rev. J. M.
Rogers, Rev. Professor
Shaw, Rev. George
Stevenson, Rev. W. F.
Taylor, Daniel, J.P.
Wilson, Rev. Dr
Williamson, Rev. H. M.

J. T. Bristow, .Northern Bank.

Rev. William Johnston.

Arnold, Mrs. W.
Finlay, Mrs. Charles
Greenlees, Mrs.
Knox, Mrs.
Lemon. Mrs.
Meneely, Mrs.
Park, Mrs.
Porter, Mrs. R.
Sinclair, Mrs. John
Steen, Mrs. Robert
Williaimson, Mrs.
Corry, Miss
Hanna, Miss
Harkness, Miss
Herdman, Miss
Howe, Miss
M'Chure, Miss
Macnaughtan, Miss
Murray, Miss
Porter, Miss
Workman, Miss


Moved by THOMAS SINCLAIR, Esq., J.P.; seconded by Dr. WILBERFORCE ARNOLD--
"That the Mayor do leave the chair; that it be taken by J. P. Corry, Esq., M.P.; and that the best thanks of the Meeting be given to the Mayor for his conduct in the Chair, and the active interest he has manifested in the work and welfare of the Society."



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The Witness - Friday, 20 February, 1874


AGNEW--Feb 15, at 3 & 5, Linfield Road, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Wm. Agnew, of a daughter.

ALLEN--Feb. 15, at 27 Fountain Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. J. C. Allen, of a son.

BOYD--Feb. 7, at 36 Kendal Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Samuel Boyd, of a daughter.

GARDNER--Feb. 14, at Fortwilliam Terrace, Belfast, the wife of James Gardner, of a daughter.

LOWRY--Feb. 13, at 33 King Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Thomas Lowry, of a daughter.

MOORE--Feb. 15, at Garvagh, the wife of Mr. John Moore, spirit merchant, of a daughter.

QUINN--Feb. 16, at 34 Beech Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. W. J. Quinn, of a son.


ANDERSON--M'INDOE--Feb. 10, at St George's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. William M'Ilwaine, D.D., Drummond, eldest son of John C. Anderson, ESC]., Belfast, to Frances N.M'lndoe, second daughter of the late Archibald M'lndoe, Esq., Glasgow,

ENGLISH--M'MILLIN--Feb. 18, at Elmwood Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. John H. Moore, William English, Esq., Belfast, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late Thomas M'Millin, Esq., Ballymena.

GRAHAM--BOYLE--Feb. 12, at Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. H. M. Williamson, David Graham, Higher Broughton, Manchester, to Hessie, eldest daughter of the late James Boyle, Esq., Manager of the Ulster Bank, Ballymoney.

JOHNSON--CRISP--Feb. 10, at Sixmilecross Church, by the Rev. W. H. Weir, Thomas Dott Johnson, Bradford, only son of the late W. Dott Johnson, Liverpool, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Anthony Crisp, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone.

KELLY--LYONS--February 18, at the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Ballymoney, by the Rev. A. M'L. Lyons, Newry, brother of the bride, assisted by Rev. James Brown and Rev. John Hart, Thomas Kelly, Knockduff, to Nannie, youngest daughter of the late James Lyons, Ballygan.

LOFTIE--CHANT--Feb. 12, at St. John's, Hougthton, near Carlisle, by the Rev. J. F. Morton, B. A., Vicar of Ainstable, the Rev. Arthur G. Loftie, B.A., Vicar of Beckermet St. Bridget, Cumberland, fifth son of the late J. H. Loftie, Esq., Tandragee, Co. Armagh, to Jamesina Roberta, youngest daughter of the late James Robert Grant, Esq., The Hill. Cumberland.

LOGAN--DEANS--Feb. 11, at Moira Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Samuel Graham, Mr James Logan, jun., to Sarah Jane, daughter of Mr. Alexander Deans, both of Soldierstown.

SPOTTEN--GRUBB--Feb. 17, at Fermoy Parish Church, William Spotten, Dunowen, to Kate, only daughter of the late J. Grubb, Fermoy.


BOLE--Feb. 13, at 24 Lyons Street, Belfast, David, youngest son of Mr. James Bole, aged 1 year and 6 months.

BRAITHWAITE--Feb. 17, at 37 Beresford Street, Belfast, John Henry Braithwaite, aged 33 years.

BOWMAN--February 17, at his fathers residence 37 Kenilworth Street, Belfast, Robert, second son of Mr. Henry Bowman, aged 10 months.

CHAMBERS--Feb. 11, Mr. John Chambers, Ballynanny, aged 74 years.

DALES--Feb. 5, at the Manse, Glenhoy, Augher, Co. Tyrone, the Rev. James Dales, aged 58 years.

DAVISON--Feb. 12, at 25 University Road, Belfast, Benjamin Adair Davison, aged 75 years.

GRAHAM--Feb. 17, at the General Hospital, Belfast, Mary, wife of Mr. James Graham, Peter's Hill, aged 34 years.

HARRISON--Feb. 17, at Carrickfergus, Sarah, wife of George Harrison, aged 64 years.

HARVEY--Feb. 14, at 124 Nelson Street, Belfast, Mrs. Ann Harvey, in her 82nd year.

HUNTER--Feb. 8, at her residence, 6 Seaview Place, Antrim Road, Belfast, Mrs. Hunter, aged 76 years.

JORDAN--Feb. 14, at 88 Malvern Street, Belfast, William Jordan, aged 43 years.

JONES--Feb. 18, at 26 Hutchinson Street, Belfast, Joseph Jones, jun., compositor, aged 26 years.

PATTON--Feb. 5, at Larne, Martha, twin daughter of Mr. Wm. Patton, aged 7 weeks and 5 days.

PORTER--Feb. 12, at Windsor, Belfast, the Rev. John Porter, in his 73rd year.

SYMES--Feb. 13, at the residence of her nephew, S. T. Roberts, Dunmurry, Martha Symes, aged 80 years, eldest daughter of the late George Symes, Esq., M.D., Wicklow.

WATT--Feb. 16, at Station Farm, Dunadry, Mr. John Watt, formerly of Whiteside, Monkton, Ayrshire, aged 70 years.


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