The Witness - Friday, 7 August, 1874


BARNETT -- June 15, at Buenos Ayres, the wife of Albert Barnett, esq., Los Pinos, Quilmes, of a son.

NELSON -- July 26, at Rams Island, Glenavy, the wife of Mr. Alex. Nelson, of a daughter.


ALLEN--COOPER -- August 1, at Linenhall Street Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Knox, John Allen, to Mary, fourth daughter of the late Wm. Cooper, Belfast.

LEECH--GREEN -- August 4, at the Belmont Church, by the Rev. James Dewar, Robert John, son of Robert Leech, Esq., J.P., Leechville, Ontario, Canada, to Adelaide, third daughter of Mr. Alex. Green, Donegall Pass.

SMITH--CAIN -- Aug 3, in the Presbyterian Church, Castlebellingham, by the Rev. J. W. Ellison, A.M., Alfred Smith, Esq., Walton, Liverpool, to Sarah Jane, daughter of C. Cain, Esq., Castlebellingham.


ARMOR -- August 2, at Hillbrook, Holywood, Anna Reford, wife of Robert Armor.

BENNETT -- July 24, at his residence, Tullywest, saintfield, Robert Bennett, aged 64 years.



ON Friday morning an old woman named Power was found brutally murdered in a place called Killenags, Tallow, County Waterford. She was a dealing woman, and lived by herself in a cabin in a lonely district. The door of her dwelling appeared to have been forced. Alarmed by the noise she must have got up, and then been struck on the head by the handle of a shovel, which lay blood-stained near her lifeless body. The head was completely battered in, and the bed would then seem to have been set on fire, for the purpose, no doubt, of covering the crime. The appearance of the cabin showed that plunder was the motive of the outrage. The place was forced and rifled. The police have arrested the son-in-law of the deceased on suspicion. The deceased was reported to have money, and a few days ago she got a small sum from a farmer, who had acted as her banker.

A coroner's jury at Cork investigated on Saturday the circumstances connected with the murder of an old woman named Power, at Dunoon, County Waterford, which occurred on Thursday last. The deceased, who was very feeble, was supposed to have been possessed of some money, and was found on the day stated in the little mud cabin in which she lived with her skull fractured, and her face beaten in. Robbery would seem to have been the motive for the commission of the crime. A verdict of "Wilful murder against some person or persons unknown," was returned.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


At the Derry Assizes, on. Saturday, Mr. Justice Barry pronounced sentence on all the persons convicted of participation in the recent party riots at Bellaghy, Castledawson, and Kilrea. The prisoners were put forward in distinct groups as they were tried. The Bellaghy party (Catholic) was first sentenced. Charles Doherty and Alex. Brown, the leaders of the party, were sentenced to be imprisoned for four calendar months, to pay a fine of 20 or, in default, to undergo the further term of imprisonment of three calendar months -- the first imprisonment to be accompanied with hard labour. -- James Diamond, Patrick Diamond, Henry M'Peake, David M'Cann, John Hanson, Richd. Averell, James Diamond, John Kane, James Brennan, Robert Nugent, William Scullion, James Scullion, and Wm. M'Conamy, to be imprisoned for three calendar months, kept to hard labour, and to pay a fine of 5 each or, in default, to be imprisoned for two months longer. Murtagh Diamond, who was recommended to mercy, was sentenced to two calendar months' imprisonment with hard labour. David M'Knight and James M'Neill, belonging to the Protestant party in the Bellaghy riots, were next sentenced to be imprisoned for four calendar months and kept to hard labour, to pay a fine of 10 each, and, in default, to be imprisoned for three calendar months more. Michael Kielt, who took part in the Castledawson riot, was sentenced to imprisonment for twelve calendar months, to commence from the expiration of the sentence he is now undergoing; to be fined 20, and, in default, to be imprisoned for six calendar months more. In the Tanmadace disturbances, Wm. O'Neill and Patrick Kielt, were sentenced to be imprisoned four calender months, and kept to hard labour, pay a fine of 20, and, in default, be further imprisoned for three months. The batch of prisoners from Kilrea having been put forward, Mr. Rea asked leave to read and put in, in mitigation of punishment, two affidavits -- one sworn by Thomas Bamford, Trinitarian Presbyterian, of Kilrea, and the other by Dr. Hegarty, Roman Catholic medical practitioner in the same town. Mr. Rea (after reading the affidavits) was proceeding to address the court, but, his lordship declined to listen to him. His Lordship sentenced Michael Cassidy and Jas. Diamond to be imprisoned for six calendar months, with hard labour, and each to pay a fine of 20; or, in default, to undergo three months' imprisonment more. The remaining prisoners of this group were each sentenced to six calendar months, with hard labour, and to pay a fine of 20; or, in default, three months; imprisonment more. Saml. Mitchel, George Crowe, and Samuel Bolton, were then put forward, and received sentence -- to be imprisoned for the term of six calendar months, with hard labour, and pay a fine of 20; and, in default, three months' additional imprisonment. The prisoners were then removed, and the remaining persons charged with riot, but not indicted, were bound in their own recognisances to come up for trial at next or any future Assizes on receiving fourteen days notice.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Simmons, the aeronaut, who assisted at the final performance of the "Flying Man," had a romantic adventure on Tuesday in the London Divorce Court. Mrs. Simmons separated from him many years ago, and could find no trace of him till De Groof's inquest, she met him accidentally. She immediately petitioned for a divorce, and, as there was no defence, a decree nisi was granted.


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The Witness - Friday, 14 August, 1874


ANDERSON -- August 10, at Osborne Park, Lisburn Road, Belfast, Mrs. A. Anderson, of a daughter.

FLEMING -- August 4, at the United Presbyterian Manse, Shapinsay, Orkney, the wife of the Rev. Henry M. Fleming, of a son.

JOHNSTON -- August 6, at Annsboro', Castlewellan, the wife of Mr. Wm. Johnston, of a son.

M'CANCE -- August 9, at Clifden, Co. Down, the wife of Captain M'Cance, of a daughter.

PARKER -- Alice 6, at 30, Moscow Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Alexander Parker, of a son.

SWAN -- August 10, at New Road, Donaghadee, the wife of John Percival Swan, Esq., of a daughter.

WALLACE -- August 8, at Antrim Place, Belfast, the wife of J. S. Wallace, of a son.

WHITE -- August 10, at Fortwilliam Park, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Hugh White, of a daughter.

WALKER -- August 11, at 21, Sevastapol Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Robert Walker, of a son.


BRAIN--BOYLE -- August 11, at the Presbyterian Church, Carrowdore, by the Rev. David Parke, Mr. John Brain, Gannaway, to Annie, daughter of Mr. William Boyle, Blackpark, Kilbright.

GRAY--BEGGS -- August 11, at the Old Presbyterian Meeting-house, Ballycarry, by the Rev. M. Getty, Alexander Gray, Esq., Holywood, to Miss Eliza Beggs, Ballycarry.

CALVERT--PURDON -- August 7, at Raffery, Killinchy, by the Rev. Mr. Fisher, Hans, third son of Robert Calvert, Esq.,Thornhill View, to Sarah, eldest daughter of James Purdon, Esq., C.W., Firvale, both of County Down.

FERGUSON--BARRY -- August 10, at the Remonstrant Presbyterian Church, Killinchy, by the Rev. John M'Caw, assisted by the Rev. S. C. Nelson, Henry Ferguson, Esq., Belfast, to Lizzie, daughter of Wm. Barry, Esq., Rose Cottage, Killinchy.

LEDLEY--GUNNING -- August 5, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Hannay, Thos. Ledley, Belligan, County Down, to Ellen Jane, second daughter of Mr. James Gunning, Kirkcubbin, County Down.

M'ILROY--BARRON -- July 31, at Lyle Hill Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Janus Black, Andrew M'Ilroy, Toberagnent, to Sarah Jane, second daughter of James Barron, Umgall.

M'CULLAGH--CROTHERS -- August 11, in Rostrevor Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Robt. Mitchell, Markethill, assisted by the Rev. Charles J. Legate, Newry, Robert M'Cullagh, Esq., Denahona, to Elizabeth, third daughter of George Crothers, Esq., Liscaw, Poyntzpass.


ALLEN -- August 7, at Newtownards Road, Ballymacarrett, Hannah, daughter of Robert Alien.

CRAIG -- August 10, at the residence of his son, 3, Downshire Place, Belfast, Isaac Craig, aged 83 years.

CRAWFORD -- August 11, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Alexander Curl, Glynn, Archibald Crawford, aged 84 years.

HALL -- August 6, at his residence, Diocesan School, St. Mary's, Limerick, the Rev. James John Hall, LL.D., aged 46 years.

HAMERTON -- August 6, at Staleybridge, Lizzie, the beloved wife of the Rev. Thomas johnston Hamerton, aged 27 years.

KING -- August 10, at 5, Elm Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast, Ellen, beloved wife of Wm. King, aged 41 years.

M'AULEY -- August 9, at the residence of his father-in-law, James Boyd. Esq., Applevale House, Ballynafeigh, John Alfred, second surviving son of the late J. M'Auley, Esq., Kingstown, aged 22 years.

RUSSELL -- August 8, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Sarah Kirkpatrick. Drumnaconnel, Saintfield, Matthew Russell, aged 83 years.

SHAW -- August 3, at his aunt's residence, suddenly, in Saintfield, James Shaw, formerly of Belfast, aged 25 years.

WILSON -- July 18, at her residence, St. Louis, Missouri. Mrs. Eliza Wilson, widow of the late Captain Alexander Wilson, and daughter of the late Rev. John Murphy, Islandmagee, aged 76 years.




THE FORTY-FOURTH ANNUAL MEETING of this Association will commence on WEDNESDAY, August 19, 1874.

Professor J. TYNDALL, D.C.L, LL.D., F.R.S.

The Right Hon. the EARL of ENNISKILLEN, LL.D., F.R.S.
The Right Hon. the EARL of ROSSE, LL.D., F.R.S.
The Rev. P. SHULDHAM HENRYT, D.D., M.R.I.A., President, Queen's College, Belfast.
Dr. T. ANDREWS, LL.D., F.R.S., Hon. F.R.S.E.
Rev. Dr. ROBINSON. F.R.S., F.R.A.S.
Professor STOKES, D.C.L., Sec. R.S.

Captain DOUGLAS GALTON, C.B., R.E., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., 12 Chester Street, Grosvenor Place, London, S.W.
Dr. MICHAEL FOSTER, F.R.S., F.C.S., Trinity College. Cambridge.

GEOHGE GRIFFITH, Esq., M.A., F.C.S., Harrow.

WILLIAM SPOTTISTWOODE, Esq., M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.G.S., 50, Grosvenor Place, London, S.W.

Professor G. FULLER, C.E.


The objects of the British Association are:
-- To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry; to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire with one and other, and with Foreign Philosophers; to obtain more general attention for the objects of Science, and the removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.

The Executive Committee at Belfast will elect New Members and Associates, on the following conditions:--

I. New Life Members for a composition of 10, which entitles them to receive gratuitously the Reports of the Association which may be published after the date of payment.

II. New Annual Subscribers for a payment of 2 for the first year. receive gratuitously the Reports for the year of their admission and for every following year in which they continue to pay a Subscription of 1 without intermission.

III. Associates for this meeting only for a payment of 1. They arc entitled to receive the Report of the Meeting at two-thirds of the publication price. Associates are not eligible to serve on Committees or to hold any office.

Ladies may become Members or Associates on the same terms as Gentlemen, and Ladies' Tickets (transferable to Ladies only) may be obtained on payment of 1.

Up to Saturday, the 15th August (inclusive), Tickets will be issued by the Treasurer, Wm. J. C. ALLEN, Esq., Ulster Bank, Belfast.

After August 15, personal application for Tickets must be made at the Reception Room, Belfast, which will be opened on MONDAY, August 17.

Without a proper Ticket, obtained as above, no person is admitted to any of the Meetings.

The First General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 19, at 8 p.m., precisely, when Professor Williamson, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S., &c., will resign the chair, and Professor Tyndall, D.C.L., F.R.S., President Elect, will assume the Presidency, and deliver an address. On Thursday evening, August 20, at 8 p.m., a Soiree; on Friday evening, August 21, at 8.30 p.m., a Discourse by Professor Huxley, F.R.S.; on Monday evening, August 24, at 8.30 p.m., a Discourse by Sir John Lubbock, Bart., M.P., F.R.S.; on Tuesday evening, August 25, at 8 p.m., a Soiree ; on Wednesday, August 26, the Concluding General Meeting will be held at 2.30 p.m.


The Sections are: -- A. Mathematical and Physical Science; B. Chemical Science; C. Geology; D. Biology; E. Geography; F. Economic Science and Statistics; G, Mechanical Science.

Excursions to places of interest in the neighbourhood of Belfast will be made on Saturday, the 22nd, and on Thursday, 27th August.

For further information apply at the Office of the Association, Queen's College Library. Office open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --



20th & 21ST AUGUST, 1874.


The Most Honourable the Marchioness of Downshire, Hillsborough Castle.
The Most Honourable the Marchioness of Donegall, Grosvenor Square, London.
Countess of Antrim, The Castle, Glenarm.
Countess Annesley, Donard Lodge, Newcastle.
Countess of Yarmouth, Rutland Gate, London.
The Right Honourable the Viscountess Dungannon, London.
Viscountess Bangor, Castleward. Downpatrick.
Lady Edwin Hill-Trevor, Brynkinalt.
The Lady Cairns, Cromwell Houses, London.
The Lady O'Neill, Shane's Castle.
The Honourable Lady Bateson, Belvoir Park.
Lady Louisa O'Neill, Shane's Castle.
Lady Lurgan, Lurgan.
Lady Wallace, Piccadilly.
Lady Higginson, Black Hall.
   Mrs. Henderson, Norwood Tower.
   Mrs. Alexander, St. Clair.
   Mrs. Andrews, Queen's College.
   Mrs. Bland, Whiteabbey.
   Mrs. Keown-Boyd, Ballydugan.
   Mrs. Armor Corry, Ardglass Castle.
   Mrs. M. Dalway, Bella Hill.
   Mrs. Dwyer, Belvidere.
   Mrs. Elkington, Antrim Road.
   Mrs. Forde, Seaforde.
   Mrs. Graham, Larchfield.
   Mrs. Henry, Queen's College.
   Mrs. Johnston, Ballykilbeg.
   Mrs. Hamilton-Jones, Moneyglass.
   Mrs. Lyons, Brookhill.
   Mrs. Mulholland, Ballywalter Park.
   Mrs. Maxwell, Finnebrogue.
   Mrs. M'Gildowney, Abbeylands.
   Mrs. T. Montgomery, Malone House.
   Miss Montgomery, Ballydrain.
   Miss M'Clure, Belmont.
   Mrs. J. H. Otway, Green View.
   Mrs. Price, Saintfield.
   Mrs. Thompson, Low-wood.
   Mrs. Thompson, Castleton.
   Mrs. Thompson, Hazlebank.
   Mrs. Ward, Bangor Castle.
   Mrs. Warre, Finaghy House.
   Mrs. J. Young, Galgorm Castle.

Mrs. Atkinson, Beaumont.
Mrs. Bristow, Chichester Park.
Mrs. R. Bland, Whiteabbey.
Mrs. Berwick, R.mond Ldge.
Mrs. S. Boyd, Rose Lodge.
Mrs. Burleigh, Carrickfergus.
Mrs. Brown, College Square.
The Misses Bristol, W.mont
Mrs. V. Coates, Rathmore.
Mrs. Clarke, Elmwood.
Mrs. Cowan, Notting Hill.
Miss Corry, Dunraven.
Mrs. R Dunville, Redburn.
Mrs. H; Darbishire, Antrim Road
Miss Dunbar, Woburn.
Mrs. N. Grimshaw, Cloona.
Mrs. Hannay, Bot. Avenue.
Mrs. A. Hill, Wilmont Ter.
Mrs. Henderson, Malone Park.
Mrs. Irvine, Hampton.
Mrs. Kinahan, Bedeque Ho.
Mrs. Keogh, Crumlin Road.
Mrs. Lanyon, F.william Prk.
Mrs. H. Lanyon, The Abbey.
Miss Lanyon, The Abbey.
Mrs. Macauley, Glenville.
Mrs. J.J. Murphy, Old Forge.
Mrs. G. Mitchell, Rathfern.
Mrs. M'Cance, Suffolk.
Mrs. M'Cance, Clifden.
Miss M'Cance, Larkfield.
Mrs. Richardson, Glenmore.
Mrs. Ross, Wellington Place.
Mrs. Shelly, Whiteabbey.
Mrs. Simms, Prospect Ter.
Mrs. J. Suffern, Windsor.
Mrs. Smyth, Cairnburn.
Mrs. Tate, Duncairn Terrace.
Mrs. Torrens, Edenmore.
Mrs. W. Valentine, F.william Park.
Mrs. Yonge, Notting Hill.

Contributions of Work or Money will be thankfully received and acknowledged by the Honorary Secretaries, by the Treasurer, or if sent to the Office of the Training-Ship, Amicable Buildings, Waring Street.

J. T. BISTOW, Esq., Northern Bank.

Mrs. M'NEILE, Parkmount.
Mrs. DENT, Malone Park.
Miss M. HILL, Botanic Road.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


ON the 21st of June last, two men, named Jas. Ritchie and William Moore, committed a serious assault on Sub-Constable Bernard Collins. He has been in the General Hospital ever since, and the prisoners have been remanded from week to week. Collins is suffering from injuries to the spine, and, as it is expected he will not recover, J. C. O'Donnell, Esq., R.M., and Mr. Robert M'Henry, Petty Sessions Clerk, attended at the Hospital at four o'clock this evening, and took his deposition.


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The Witness - Friday, 21 August, 1874


CORBETT -- August 14, the wife of the Rev. Edward St. John Corbett, M.A., T.C.D., Rector of St. Saviour's, Diocese of Armagh, of a son.

FISHER -- August 19, Mr. Thomas Fisher, Cherryville, of a daughter.


DAVIS--KELLY -- August 18, at St. Andrew's Church, Westland Row, Dublin, by the Very Rev. Michael Doyle, V.G., Administrator, John Henry Davis, Esq., Carrowmore, County Roscommon, to Eliza Mary, daughter of the late Walter Kelly, Esq., Scregg, County Roscommon.

INGLIS--EAKIN -- August 19, at Fitzroy Avenue Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Thomas Lyttle, Dublin, Mr. George F. Inglis, fifth son of Wm. Inglis, Esq., Trenton, Ball's Bridge, Dublin, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. A. Eakin, Belfast.

M'KELL--JOHNSTON -- At Rutland Square Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick, assisted by the Rev. Thos. Johnston, father of the bride, Robert C. M'Kell, Esq., Ex-Ch., T.C.D., Inspector of National Schools, to Genevieve Browne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Johnston, Killarney.


CLEMENTS -- August 18, of scatlatina, at the Endowed National School, Anahilt, Isabella M'Dowell, second daughter of Andrew Clements, aged four-and-a-half years.

CROTHERS -- August 10, at 64, Artillery Street, Belfast, Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. John Crothers, aged 2 years and 6 months.

KIRKWOOD -- At the residence of his aunt, Crumlin Road, Belfast, Captain Kingston Kirkwood, eldest son of J. V, Kirkwood, Bellevue Hall, Boyle.

MULLAN -- August 14, at 4, Donegall Quay, Mary, wife of Patrick Mullan.

M'MULLAN -- August 15, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. M. Kirkpatrick, 163, York Street, Belfast, Mrs. Ruth M'Mullan, aged 82 years.

RAINEY -- August 18, at 3, Courtrai Street, Belfast, Samuel Rainey, aged 48 years.

WALKER -- August 17, at his late residence, 52, Clifton Park Avenue, David Walker.



ON Monday, Captain Redmond, R.M., Captain Butler, R.M., John Hancock, Esq., J.P., and James Malcolm, Esq., J.P., sat in the bridewell, Lurgan, when Alex, Cairns, Charles Geddis, William Campbell, Robert Craig, Jas. Leggett, and James Kinnaird were fined in the sum of 40s and costs for boxing on Saturday night last, and been guilty of riotous conduct. At the same time informations were taken against a large number of others, for whom warrants have been issued.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


SAMUEL M'CREA, a man about 50 years of age, was admitted to the General Hospital suffering from injuries he received from his wife in a house in Millfield. It appears that a dispute arose between them, when she fired a lump of Coal at him, striking him on the left eyebrow, and inflicting a serious wound. She afterwards got a hammer and struck him a severe blow on the right eyebrow, and afterwards wounded him on the back of the head with a pair of tongs. The police were called in, and she was taken to the Police Office, while the injured husband was conveyed to hospital, where he remains under treatment.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Last night, a brig, the Highland Mary, belonging to Mr. Craig, laden with coals, coming from Troon, had a very narrow escape from becoming a total wreck on the coast near Bangor. About two o'clock this morning, the violent storm then in full force, was driving the vessel fast towards the shore. One of the anchors was, it appears, rendered useless, but when within a few yards of the rocks at Bryansburn, the other anchor took firm hold. and the vessel although in great peril, rode safely till this morning, when at nine o'clock a tug steamer arrived. Shortly after coming to anchor, two of the crew went aloft to take in sail, but they were only able to take in part, and they had scarcely returned to deck when the mast broke. The crew were brought to shore at eight o'clock this morning by some volunteers who went out to the vessel in a small boat. but the captain would not leave the boat.--Ulster Echo of Saturday .

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


The body of a young man named Thomas Clayton, a messenger on the Ulster Railway, was, early on Sunday morning, found lying across the rails on a line of railway at a place called Bownston, in a shockingly mutilated condition. The head was resting on one rail and the feet on the other, half of the skull was dashed in, and the brain was protruding, part of it was scattered along the line. At an inquest held on the body on Monday, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


This schooner, which belongs to Belfast, went ashore in a gale on Thursday night at Dundrum. She was laden with coal, and was coming from Maryport.


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The Witness - Friday, 28 August, 1874


HAITHWAITE -- August 26, at 15, Brookfield Place, Belfast, the wife of Mr. James Haithwaite, of a daughter.

KENNEDY -- August 7, 1874, at 174, Washington Street, Brooklyn, U.S., the wife of Robert Kennedy (late of Belfast), of a daughter.

NEVIN -- August 15, at Oldtown, County Antrim, the wife of Mr. Thomas Nevin, jun., of a daughter.

ROSS -- August 26, at 49, Grosvenor Street, the wife of Henry J. Ross, of a son.


BEST--MOORE -- August 26, at Fisherwick Place Church, by the Rev. H. M. Williamson. Mr. James Best, Liverpool, to Mary Hamilton, daughter of the late John Moore, Esq., Newry.

MARTIN--BELLIS -- August 27. at Fitzroy Avenue Church, Belfast, by the Rev. George Bellis, father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. George Shaw, William Martin, Esq., Ramelton, Co, Donegall, to Jane Arrott, only daughter of the Rev. George Bellis, Belfast.


BENSON -- August 23, Isabella, relict of the late James Benson, formerly of Liverpool.

MURPHY -- August 27, at her residence, Scrabo, Newtownards, Jane, relict of the late John Murphy, formerly of Belfast.

SHAW -- August 3, at his aunt's residence, Lisdalgin, James Shaw, formerly of Belfast, aged 25 years.



SHANE'S CASTLE looks very weird as we up sail and run at express speed for its projecting grounds. The sun sinking rapidly over the western shore of the lough warms the hoary brown of the ruins, and gilds the splendid wood behind, while the shadows seem to add a few extra turrets to the pile. If, you have ever seen a yacht belonging to the Ulster Club, whose head-quarters are in Belfast Lough, you may have noticed that the burgee displayed a bloody hand. A sinister hand, gules, is the armorial ensign of the province, and it was Shane's Castle chieftain who figured in the story which gave rise to the emblem. The chief of an invading expedition, so the story runs approaching the shores of Ireland, said that the follower who first touched the coveted territory should possess it. One man outwitted his fellows by chopping off his hand and hurling it on shore before the foremost boat could touch land. This was the founder or the great Ulster chieftains, the O'Neills of the Redhand. The member of the family after whom the Castle was named, Shane O'Neill, was a name known at the English Court. He of the red hand lorded it over the other chiefs; and in Queen Elizabeth's time the reigning chieftain O'Neill was virtually King of Ulster. This was Shane O'Neill, who with a bodyguard of 600 soldiers, and an army of 5,000 horse and foot, had many a brush with the English troops, made a journey with the armed retinue of an independent prince to London, and treated with the British Maiden Queen. The days of Red Hands are gone; the O'Neills no longer summon bodyguards of long, curled gallowglasses, armed with battleaxes, and attired in yellow vest, short tunics, and shaggy cloaks, to burn, kill, and destroy. Shane's descendant, Lord O'Neill, dwells undisturbed in his delightful park, and courteously allows the stranger to wander through the demesne, inspect the interesting ruins, and capture the speckled trout in the river, overhung with umbrageous branches, and not three miles from the promontory from which superb views of the lough is obtainable. The Rifle Volunteers have just broken up the encampment. -- Daily News.


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