The Witness - Friday, 2 October, 1874


BURKE--Sept. 3o, at 19, Ship Street, Mrs. Burke, of a son.

CAMPBELL--Sept. 26, at 15, Richmond Place, the wife of Josiah Campbell, of a son.

CRAWFORD--Sept. 29, at Rosdernate, the wife of James Crawford. Esq., of a son.

SLOAN--Sept. 29, at Tullybane Cottage, the wife of James Sloan, Esq., of a son.

STACK--Sept. 26, at The Rectory, Monaghan, the wife of the Archdeacon of Clogher, of a son.


BROWN--Ross--Sept. 29, at Trinity Church, by the Rev. I. H. Deacon, Mr. John Brown, to Anna, third daughter of Mr. William Ross, Belfast.

BOYD--SAVAGE--Sept. 25, at the Presbyterian Church, Raffery, by the Rev. Ringland Fisher, Samuel Fatten, son of Mr. James Boyd, Clea, Killyleagh, to Annabella, only daughter of the late Rowland Savage, Derryboy, Killyleagh, Co. Down.

CARSON--BARNETT-Sept. 23, at Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Henry Osborne, M.A., Robert Carson, Esq., Fernbark, Holywood, Co. Down, to Isabella, daughter of the late Richard Barnett, Esq., Belfast.

DOORIS--MUNFORD--Sept. 25, at West Presbyterian Church, Ballymena, by the Rev. A. Robinson, Broughshane, Mr. James Dooris, Lame, to Miss Mary Munford, Lissnamurrican, Braid.

DOWLER--BLAIR--Sept. 29, at Ballyarnett Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. A. C. Murphy, Mr. Robert Dowler, R.I.C., to Sarah Jane, second daughter of the late Thomas Alexander Blair, Esq., Derry.

M'CUNE--ORR--October 1, at the First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, by the Rev. L. Dobbin Elliott, A.M., assisted by the Rev. James Bell, Tandragee, William M'Cune, solicitor, Tandragee, to Jeanie, only daughter of Mr. William Orr, Portadown.

ROBB--M'GIFFEN--Sept. 25, at Joymount Presbyterian Church, Carrickfergus, by the Rev. James Warwick, Mr. John Robb, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the Late Mr. William M'Giffen, Belfast.


BRIDGER--Sept. 25, at her residence in Carlingford, Co. Louth, Margaret, relict of Mr. Buckrel Bridger, aged 73 years.

M'MAHON--At Rathfriland, on the 29th ult., John, and on the 3rd ult., Eliza Jane, beloved son and wife of Mr. James M'Mahon.

RICHARDSON--Sept. 30, at his father's residence, Deerymatrey, Portadown, Robert, fourth son of Mr. Thomas Richardson, aged 22 years.

PRIESTLY--Sept. 25, at Raleigh, National School, Ballynahinch, of consumption, Lizzie, second daughter of J. R. Priestly, aged 22 years.



TUESDAY morning, about 5 o'clock, as the Glasgow Mail Steamer was coming up to the Quay, the mate observed the dead body of a man floating in the water. A boatman named Hugh Magee took the body out of the water, and it was afterwards taken to the Morgue. The body is that of a man apparently about sixty years of age, and of the working class. It had been in the water for some time. The body has been identified as that of William Newell, who left his house, 12, James Street, on Saturday afternoon, the 19th inst., slightly under the influence of drink, and did not afterwards return to his house.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


At the Petty Sessions in Gilford on Friday, Robert Campbell, John Campbell, and Elizabeth Campbell were charged with a violent assault upon James Doak, senior, and James Doak, junior, on the 10th of July, at Ballydonvan, near Gilford, when the elder Doak was placed in danger of his life. There was also a case in which the Campbells charged the Doaks with a similar offence at the same time and place. John Campbell is not considered out of danger. The accused were returned for trial to Downpatrick Assizes, but bail was taken for their appearance. The whole affair originated in a land dispute.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Mr. James Parker, Ash Cottage, Ballintagort, has at present on his farm a curious thing--a foal which was born blind.


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The Witness - Friday, 9 Ocober, 1874


BURROWS--Oct. 6, at Park Villa. Waterford, the wife of the Rev. A. Burrows, A.B., Presbyterian Minister, of a son.

CONALTY--Oct. 5. at 8, Victoria Place. Derry, the wife of William John Conalty, Diamond, of a son.

M'CLEAN--Sept. 19, at Osgoode Street, Toronto, the wife of Mr. John M'Clean, formerly of Belfast, of a daughter.


CAMPBELL-M'GURK--Sept. 30, at Ormeau Road Wesleyan Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Andrew Armstrong, Richard, third son of John Campbell, Esq.. to Mary Ann, only daughter of the late Thomas M'Gurk, Esq., both of Belfast.

CLELAND--ROBSON--Oct. 6, at the Presbyterian Church, Tobermore, Co. Derry, by the Rev. James Robson, uncle of the bride, John M. Cleland, Belfast, to Sarah M. Robson, eldest daughter of the late William Robson, Esq., Larchmount, Dungannon.

M'GLADDERY--GORDON--Oct. 6. at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, High Street, Newry, by the Rev. A. M'Leod S. Lyons, James M'Gladdery, Esq., Sheeptown, to Sarah, fifth daughter of the late John Gordon, Esq., Jerritspass, Newry.


AGAR--Oct. 7, at Murlough, Dundrum, Co. Down, Michael Agar, in his 87th year.

BALLAGH--Oct. 7, at his late residence, Carrowreagh, Dundonald, William Ballagh, aged 81 years.

FERGUSON--Oct, 5, at Grosvenor Street, Belfast, George Menagh, infant son of Mr.. George Ferguson, Belfast.

PEILE--October 7, at Stainburn House, near Workington, George, second son of Alfred Peile, Esq., and grandson of Hugh Moore, Esq., aged 8 years,

ROWAN--Oct. 6, at Banbridge, Mr. Joseph Rowan.

THOMPSON--Oct. 2, at 801/2 Peter's Hill, Eliza Thompson, wife of William Thompson, formerly of Mullafarnaghan, near Banbridge.



THE census return of the county and city of Londonderry has been issued. The area in statute acres is given as 522,315, of which 175,315 are under tillage, and 228,186 under pasture; and the population as 173,906 persons, being 83,317 males and 90,589 females. There is a decrease of 10,304 in the population since 1861. The religious professions are returned as follow :-- Protestant Episcopalians, 32,079; Roman Catholics, 77,358; Presbyterians, 58,779 ; Methodists, 957; all other denominations, 4,733. The per centage belonging to each religious profession in 1861 and 1871 respectively were-- Protestant Episcopalians, 16.9 and 18.5; Roman Catholics, 45.3 and 44.4; Presbyterians, 35.1 and 33.8; Methodists, 0.6; all other denominations, 2.1 and 2.7. The proportion per cent. receiving instruction in educational establishments was as follows :-- Protestant Episcopalians, 11.51; Roman Catholics, 8.12; Presbyterians, and all others, 11.66. Total per centage, 10.05.--This day's Express.


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The Witness - Friday, 16 October, 1874


HOUSTON--Oct. 13th, at Oldpark Cottage, Belfast, the wife of Wm. Houston, of a son.

M'CUTCHEON--Oct. 12, at 6, Meeting-house Row, Londonderry, the wife of Mr. John M'Cutcheon, of a daughter.

MENAGH--Oct. 11, at Ashley Avenue, Belfast, the wife of Mr. James Menagh, of a son.

MITCHELL--Oct. 14, at Iveagh Villa, Sydenham, the wife of Mr. Wm. C. Mitchell, of a son.

WILSON--Oct. 14, at Greencastle, the wife of Mr. James Wilson, of a daughter.

WHITE--Oct. 7, at Corglass, Bailieboro', the wife of the Rev. Thomas R. White, of a son.


CONN--THOMPSON--Oct. 14th, at the Presbyterian Church, Castlewellan, by the Rev. Hugh Watson, Castlewellan, Robert Conn, third son of Mr. John Conn, Waterask Dundrum, to Annie Watson, eldest daughter of Mr. John Thompson, Castlewellan, Co. Down.

EVANS--STEWART--Oct. 14, at Willowfield Church, Belfast, by the Rev. J. G. Hopkins, A.M., Chas. J. Evans, Mountpottinger, to Matilda, youngest daughter of John Stewart, Portview, Ballymacarrett.

BOWAN-LEGG--BURLEIGH--Oct. 14, at the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Carrickfergus, by the Rev. James Meighan, A.M., assisted by the Very Rev. George Bull, D. D., Dean of Connor, Edward Lutwidge Rowan-Legg, son of the late Edward Rowan, Esq., R.N., to Jane Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the late William Burleigh, Esq., J.P., both of Carrickfergus.


BLACK--Oct. 14th, of softening of the brain, at Ballymurphy, the Rev. Thomas Black, of Armaghbrague, aged 57 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the family burying-ground, Loughaghery, on Saturday, the 17th inst., at twelve o'clock noon. Friends will please accept this intimation.

CARSE--Oct. 15, at Carryduff, County Down, Archibald Carse, in the 50th year of his age.

GUILBRIDE--August 7, at Kilmore, Australia, Arthur William Guilbride, seventh son of the late Francis Guilbride, of Newtownbarry.

M'KAY--Oct. 9, of scarlatina, Charles Simeon, eldest son of the Rev. Charles Elrington M'Kay, Laracor Vicarage, Co. Meath, aged 12 years and 2 months.

MOORE--Oct. 14, Alexander, son of James Moore, High Street, Ballymena, aged 8 months.

PATTON--Oct. 13, at Ballywitticock, Mary, relict of the late William Patton, Canningbum, aged 76 years.

ROBERTS--Oct. 14, at his late residence, 18, Prince's Dock, Belfast, Archibald Roberts, aged 63 years.

WHITELAW--At 104, Old Lodge Road, Belfast, Betsy Allan, daughter of William Whitelaw, aged 9 years.

SKETCHLEY--Oct. 6, suddenly, the Rev. Alexander Everingham Sketchley, D.D., 38 years Vicar of Deptford, aged 75 years.


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The Witness - Friday, 23 October, 1874


DUNLOP--Oct, 16, at 73, Woodcock Road, Mrs. George Dunlop, of a daughter.

REA--October 21, at Churchview, Boardmills, Mrs. Joseph Rea, of a son.

THOMPSON--October 19, at Linenhall Street, Derry, the wife of Robert Thompson, Esq., of a son


ALLEN--RADCLIFFE--October 6, at Bannside Presbyterian Church, Banbridge, by the Rev. George Wilson, assisted by the Rev. John Waddell, First Anaghlone, Jonathan Alien, to Mary Radcliffe, both of Banbridge.

FERRIS--SMALL--October 13, at Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. Hewitt, L.L.B., Whitehouse, the Rev. J. C. Ferris, Newry, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late John Small, Esq., Belfast.


SPEIRS--Oct. 14, at his residence, Coagh, Mr. J. Speirs, teacher, aged 28 years.

SINCLAIR--Oct. 17, Maggie, eldest daughter of Samuel Sinclair, Clinen, Knock.

WILSON--October 15, at his mother's residence, Caledon, John Wilson, Q.U.I., son of the late John Wilson, merchant, aged 24 years.


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