The Witness -- Friday, 6 November, 1874


BAXTER--October 30, at 49, Christopher Street, Belfast, the wife of John A. Baxter, of a daughter.

BRITTEN--November 3, at Huntley Villa, Upper Windsor, the wife of Frederick Britten, of a daughter.


CRAIG--METRZENEN--November 3, at Castlereagh Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Wm. Rogers, LL.D., Alexander Craig, Belfast, to Marie Sabine Metrzenen, Lausane, Switzerland.

MALSEED--BLACK--October 39, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. William D. Wallace, First Ramelton, James Malseed, Esq., Drumaboden, to Jane, daughter of William Black, Esq., Ballgreen, Ramelton.

MAYNES--KANE--October 31, at St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Chapel, Belfast, Mr. Patrick Maynes, to Miss Ellen Kane, both of Belfast.


GALL--November 3, at. Myrtle Bank, Trinity, Edinburgh, James Gall, Esq., of the firm of Gall & Inglis, Publishers, in his 91st year. All friends will please accept of this intimation.

MAYNE--November 4, at Fernville, Sydenham, Co. Down, in her 65th year, Letitia, the beloved wife of Alex. S. Mayne. Her remains will be removed for interment in the Borough Cemetery, on Saturday, November 7th, at nine o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

LITTLE--November 2, at Aughnacloy Constabulary Barracks, William Alexander, eldest son of John and Elizabeth Little, aged 6 years and 3 months.

M'ILWRATH--November 1, at High Street, Newtownards, Fanny Moore, daughter of the Rev. W. M'Ilwrath, aged 2 years and 5 months.

SHAW--November 2, at Carnlea, Ballyclare, Mr. Francis Shaw, aged 82 years.



A most brutal murder was committed in a farmhouse in the townland of Ballycushan, near Templepatrick, and about ten miles from Belfast, on Friday night last. The victim is a widow named Margaret Langtry, a quiet, inoffensive woman, about forty years of age. Mrs. Langtry acted as housekeeper to a bachelor uncle, David Bill, who farms about thirty acres of land. On Friday, Bill was at Belfast market, and on returning about nine o'clock at night, he found his niece's body lying half in and half out of the fire, the greater portion of it being almost burnt to a cinder. On the head, which was about the only portion untouched by the flames, were wounds caused by slug shot. It is surmised that the fatal shot had been fired through a small window in the back of the kitchen, as a pane in it is broken, as well as several panes in a larger window exactly opposite, and a number of slugs have been picked up in the kitchen, and out of the woodwork in the window. The murderer having cleared the way for his real purpose--which appears to have been robbery--broke open another window with a hatchet, ransacked the parlour, and then wrenched the lock off a chest in one of the rooms upstairs from which some money had been abstracted, though all the money the box contained was not taken away. In order to avert suspicion, it is supposed that the murderer conceived the horrible idea of burning his victim, and he may have been engaged in this work when disturbed by the approach of the farmer's cart. In another room three children of the murdered woman were sleeping; and, when the uncle, in his frenzy, rushed to see if they were safe, he found them fast asleep. One person has been arrested in connection with the crime--a man named Wm. Hill, a cousin of Mrs. Langtry's, and an occasional worker on the farm. When taken into custody, he was in bed in his father's house, about half a mile from Bill's farm, and near him was found a fowling-piece, which had been recently discharged. A tramp was arrested on Saturday, in Carrickfergus, on suspicion; but, on being brought before a magistrate, he was able to give a satisfactory explanation of some blood stains found on his clothes, and was at once set at liberty.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


THE census of the County of Tyrone has been printed. The population of the county was 312,956 in '41, 255,661 in '51, 238,500 in '61, 215,766 in '71. The county contains one Parliamentary borough, Dungannon, with 5,800 inhabitants, and three towns of some size--namely, Strabane, 4,184; Omagh, 3,662; Cookstown, 3,257. In the age tables, Tyrone is credited with not less than 50 centenarians. The religious census of the people shows that the population is divided into 119,937 Catholics, 49,201 Protestant Episcopalians, 42,156 Presbyterians, 3,115 Methodists, 1,357 of all other denominations. The last bodies include 5 Free Thinkers, 2 Jews, and 1 Jerusalemite. In Dungannon, Omagh, and Strabane the Catholics outnumber the professors of all other faiths, but are outnumbered by the others in Cookstown 36.5 per cent. of the Catholic population over five years of age are returned as illiterate; 21.9 per cent. of the Protestant Episcopalians, 10.5 per cent. of the Presbyterians, 1.6 of the Methodists, We learn that 6,421 of the inhabitants speak Irish and English, and 130 Irish only. The emigration returns show that the county lost 63,000 inhabitants by emigration within the last 20 years. In recent years the rate of emigration has been remarkably steady, seldom falling below 2,000 or rising above 3,000 persons.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


UNDER the law regulating trial by jury in the State of New York, it will be necessary to secure 144 idiots, in order to constitute the twelve juries which will be required in, the twelve Beecher scandal suits. No juror will be available who has formed an opinion, or received a bias of judgment by reading the newspaper statements. The difficulty is increased by the requirement that these unfortunate beings shall be sifted out of the apparently sane men who roam at liberty in the city of Brooklyn.--Chicago Interior.


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The Witness -- Friday, 13 November, 1874


GILLESPIE--Nov. 7, at Spencer Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. R. J. Gillespie, of a daughter.

CALVERT--November 6, at Beragh, near Portadown, the wife of Mr. Joseph R. Calvert, of a son.

MUSSEN--Nov. 10, at 11, Camberwell Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Mr. H. Mussen, of a daughter.

WILLIAMSON--November 5, at 9, Bennett Street, Derry, the wife of Mr. James Williamson, of a daughter.

WYLIE--November 6, at Gortnadochas House, Ballymena, the wife of Samuel Wylie, Esq., of a daughter.


KNOX--M'ILROY--Nov. 6, in the Presbyterian Church, Moneydig, by the bride's uncle, Rev. Jonathan Simpson, Portrush, assisted by Rev. William M'Cay, pastor loci, Martha, fourth daughter of the late Thomas M'Ilroy, Agivey, to Mr. James Knox, Mullahinch, Aghadowey.

LEWIS--WYLIE--Nov. 9, at Crumlin Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. A. C. Canning, Henry Lewis, Belfast, to Mary, third daughter of the late James Wylie, Ballyginniff Mill, Killead, Antrim.

PETTICREW--JOHNSTON--Oct. 29, at Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Robert Montgomery, Mr. Wm. John Petticrew, to Annie, third daughter of Mr. Samuel Johnston, both of Belfast.

SPEER--ALEXANDER--Nov. 4, at the Presbyterian Church, Carnmoney, by the Rev. Joseph Barkley. William John Speer, son of Mr. Gordon Speer, Ballycraigey, to Elizabeth Jane Alexander, daughter of Mr. Wm. Alexander, Ballyrobert, County Antrim.


BAILE--Nov. 11, at 15, Concord Street, off Clifton Street, Belfast, James M., son of Constable Thomas Baile, R.I.C.

CHARLEVILLE--November 3, at Staten Island, New York, the Right Hon. Charles William Francis, Earl of Charleville, aged 22 years.

FERGUSON--November 8, at his residence, 112, Peter's Hill, Belfast, Mr. John Ferguson.

GRAHAM--Nov. 6, of scarlatina, Robert Bennett, fourth son of Mr. Thomas Graham, Harmony Hill, Ballymacbrennan, Lisburn, aged 53 years.

HUGHES--Nov. 9, at 6, Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road, Belfast, John, third son of Robert Hughes, aged 21 years.

MATCHET--November 7, at Leeburn Cottage, Banbridge, Isabella, wife of Jonathan Matchet.

MACCORMAC--November 8, of scarlet fever, Jane, only daughter of John MacCormac, Esq., Carnbinn, Whitehouse, Belfast, aged 4 years.

M'ILWRATH--Nov. 1, at High Street, Newtownards, Fanny Moore, beloved daughter of Rev. W. M'Ilwrath, aged 2 years and 5 months.

OWENS--November 8, in the 74th year of his age, John Owens, Esq., J P., Holestone, County Antrim.

O'HARA--Nov. 10, at Dungannon Gas Works, Margaret Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of Robert J. O'Hara, Carrickfergus.

ROBINSON--October 5, at 126, Elm Street, Toronto, Canada, John Robinson, formerly of Eskermore, Augher, County Tyrone, aged 62 years.




GREEK, Latin and Ancient History--John Clark, B.A.
Mathematics--Joseph Larmour, B.A.
Natural Philosophy--R. H. R. Dickey, B.A
. Metaphysics and Economic Science--Arthur H. Bates, B.A.
Chemistry--Robert J. Hamill, B.A.
Natural History--J. W. Byers. B.A.
Modern Languages--J. B. Wallace awarded a prize of 20.


Fourth Year--Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy--Daniel A. Charles.
Therapeutics and Pathology--Samuel Fergus.

Third Year--Engineering--Robert Coey.
Third Year--Medical--Wm. Magee and Arthur A. Woods.

Second Year--Literary--John Alexander Wallace, Samuel W. J. Rogers, Thomas M. Hamill, John Knowles, Wm. Craig.
Second Year--Science--James A. M'Neill, John Eccles, John M'Keown, Charles H. Oliver, Wm. White.
Second Year--Engineering--Sproull.
Second Year--Medical--James Stewart, John T. Coulter.

First Year, Literary--Arts and Medicine--Robert Todd (Arts), Robert H. G. Charles (Arts), James M. Strong (Arts), James D. Williamson (Arts), Arthur B. Hamilton, and Alfred J. Nesbitt (Arts, equal), each a prize of 20; Robert Mowbray (Medicine).

First year, Science--Arts, Engineering, and Medicine--Thomas A. Collier (Arts), Samuel M. Russell and C. J. Weir (equal in Arts), R. W. Hughes and T. H. Knowles (equal in Arts), John Cumming (Arts), prize of 10; H. Millar (Medicine), S. C. Sinclair (Engineering).

Dunville Scholarship--Joseph Larmour, B.A.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

SESSION 1874-5.

THE opening meeting of the session was held on Friday at twelve o'clock, in the Common Hall of the College. There was a goodly array of the citizens, who evinced much interest in the proceedings. After disposing of some preliminary arrangements,

The Rev. Professor WITHEROW came forward, and delivered (as President of the Faculty) the opening address. After referring to the departure of Professor M'Gaw, to undertake the pastoral charge of the congregation at Sale, near Manchester, and urging the students to diligence and good conduct, he proceeded at some length to detail the main incidents in the life of St. Columbkille, whom the speaker described as "a vigorous worker in his day, whose name tradition connects with the origin of our city, and whose services to Christianity are not as generally known as they deserve.''

The lecture was listened to with much interest.


First Year--Richard Anderson, Jamison Bursary (10); George Thompson, Scholarship (10); R. Douglas Morrison, prize (5).

CERTIFICATE IN ARTS.--Completed Examination--David G. M'Crea, Thom Scholarship (10); David T. Macky.

First Half--William Gillespie, Ironmongers' Scholarship (25); William Wright, Findlater Scholarship (20); Robert Watson.

THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT.--J. M'Fadden, Dill Bursary (25); Samuel Thompson, Todd Bursary (10); John M'Connell, Sixth Year Scholarship (10).

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


THE quarterly meeting of the Committee of Management was held at eleven o'clock this morning in the Library of the General Hospital. Elias H. Thompson, Esq., presided. The other members present were--Rev. J. Young, W. C. Cunningham, Esq.; Gustavus Heyn, Esq.; J. Hupeden, Esq.; E. O'Rorke Dickey, Esq.; Wm. Clibborn, Esq.; C. W. Shaw, Esq.; R. Boag, Esq.; A. J. Macrory, Esq., Hon. Sec.; Dr. Cuming, Dr. Fagan.

The HON. SEC. (A. J. Macrory, Esq.), read the report of the Board of Management, which referred to the loss the Hospital had sustained in the death of John Charleys, Esq., and Edward Benn, Esq., and stated that the board had sent letters of condolence to the survivors of both gentlemen. The report also mentioned that an application was made to her Majesty, through his grace the Duke of Abercorn, soliciting a grant for an act of incorporation, and which her Majesty had been pleased to grant.

The HON. SEC. then moved the adoption of the report, which was seconded Gustave Heyn, Esq. and passed unanimously.

C. W. SHAW, Esq., moved "that the action of the Board of Management in reference to the Royal Charter be, and hereby is approved of, and that the board be now authorised to pay out of the funds of the institution the necessary expenses attendant thereon."

Wm. CLIBBORN, Esq., seconded the motion, which was passed.

The business of the committee then terminated.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


ANTRIM, SATURDAY.--Contrary to expectation, the prisoner, Wm. Bill, charged with the murder of Margaret Langtry at her uncle's residence, Ballycushan, near Templepatrick, was not arraigned on the charge this morning. Yesterday, however, an investigation of a formal character was held in the Antrim Bridewell by Mr. Montgomery, R.M. The accused was placed amongst a number of other persons, when a young lad named James Taggart, aged about 17 years, unhesitatingly pointed him out as the man whom he saw between seven and eight o'clock on the night of the murder near the Doagh Bridge, with a gun in his possession. Witness, who was returning from his work at the time was so frightened as seeing him with the gun that he ran away. He had never seen William Bill in his life before. On the sworn testimony of the police that a remand was necessary for the production of other evidence, the prisoner was remanded for a week. It is stated that the further investigation of the case will take place in Belfast. The prisoner, however, remains as yet in Antrim Bridewell. The murder is still the prevailing topic of conversation here, and the feeling of horror at the shocking nature of its surroundings has in no way abated.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


[Before the FULL COURT.]

Rev. Robert O'Keefe v. Cardinal Cullen.

COUNSEL for the plaintiff applied for a new trial on the ground of misdirection on the part of the Chief-Justice, who tried it in May, 1873, when a verdict for one farthing was had for Rev. Mr. O'Keefe. The whole question affecting the illegal removal of plaintiff from his clerical position was opened up. The arguments have not concluded.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


THE Wenlock election is proceeding to-day.

Mr. Gladstone has written a letter to Mr. Lawley, the Liberal candidate, in which he says:--"If (as I am convinced) the greatness of this country is best to be upheld by a policy of trust in the people, irrespective of all distinctions of class or sect, combined with a warm reverence for our institutions, I am sure that will most surely be attained by returning to the House of Commons men who will act not in the spirit of blind partizanship, but upon your larger and more comprehensive principles."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


A New York Herald telegram from Khartoum reports the proceedings of the Gordon expedition into the Uganda country. The route by Gondokora is described as very difficult, and not safe for trade. Colonel Long reports that he has discovered a new river supposed to flow from Victoria Nyanza.


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The Witness -- Friday, 20 November, 1874


BROWN--Nov. 13. at Donoghmore, the wife of Henry Brown, Esq., of a daughter.

COLLINS--Nov. 17, at Church Street, Coleraine, the wife of Thomas Collins, of a daughter.

HAMILTON--Nov. 17, at Wolfhill, the wife of George Hamilton, of a son.

KIRKPATRICK--Nov. 16, at Castlepollard, the wife of the Rev. G. Kirkpatrick, of a daughter.

M'CLENAGHAN--Nov. 14, at Dunlo Street, Ballinasloe, the wife of Henry M'Clenaghan, Esq., T.C., proprietor of Western Star, of a son.


BELL--CAMPBELL--Nov. 10, at Newmills Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Forster, Robert, third son of Mr. Robert Bell, Dumard (Stewartstown), to Lizzie, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Campbell, Castlecaulfield.

GORDON--STEVENSON--Nov. 17, at the Presbyterian Church, Warrenpoint, by the Rev. George Nesbitt, Kilkeel, assisted by the Rev. Samuel Burnside, Annalong, Robert Gordon, Esq., eldest son of John Gordon, Esq., Annalong, to Rachel, eldest daughter of James Stevenson, Esq., Maghareagh, Kilkeel.

PARKER--BARCLAY--Nov. 18, at Templecorran Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James White, John Parker, Downview, Greenisland, to Jane Barclay, second daughter of Robert Alexander, J.P., Carrickfergus.


AIKEN--Nov. 18, at 37, Townsend Street, Belfast, William, third son of Mr. Wm. Aiken.

CAMPBELL--Nov. 18, at his residence, 10, Beach Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast, Mr. Henry Campbell, late of Harryville, Derrykeighan, aged 81 years.

KILLIPS--Nov. 15, at his residence, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Mr. John Killips, late of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, aged 48 years.

MASTERSON--Nov. 18, at, Sydenham, near Belfast. Edith Emmeline, daughter of William Masterson, aged 1 year.

SWEETLOVE--Nov. 17, at 55, Swift Street, Belfast, Hugh, second son of Mr. William Sweetlove, aged 6 years.

STEWART--Nov. 18, suddenly, at his father's residence, Hugh Edwin, youngest son of Mr. Robert Stewart, Saintfield.

WALKER--Nov. 15, at 81, Howard Street South, Belfast, James, youngest son of Mr. William Walker.



IN the Court of Queen's Bench to-day, Serjeant Armstrong obtained, an order for eertiorari to remove the refusal of the magistrates of Belfast to grant transfer of license to James Dempsey for Fortwilliam Hotel, Skegoniel, there being no objection made in court, and no record of anything but that the magistrates considered the place inconvenient, although abundance of evidence to the contrary, and also good conduct of house, were given.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Templepatrick, Friday.

THE investigation into the Templepatrick murder was resumed this morning in the Court House, Antrim, by Mr. Montgomery, R.M., and Captain Brook. Mr. M'Lean prosecuted. The proceedings were private. The prisoner was conveyed under a strong escort from the bridewell, before which a number of the townspeople had assembled to obtain a view of him. In appearance he is young, tall, powerfully built, and rather prepossessing, indeed about the last person one would suspect of such a heinous crime: His character is in sad contrast to this, being almost equal to that of a reckless desperado. To-day as he walked between the police he bore a striking resemblance to Montgomery in many features, and noticeably in his eye, which is cold and cruel looking. He seemed calm and self-possessed. Many rumours are afloat regarding forthcoming evidence, some of which is said to be very strong against the prisoner, Wm. Bill.

The investigation was kept strictly private, but I have learned on the best authority that evidence of a very important character was given seriously implicating the prisoner with the commission of the murder. It seems that several pieces of newspaper were found by the police inside, and also at the side of the house at which the murder was committed. Those smelled strongly of gunpowder, and on further search by the police the portions of newspapers corresponding with these were discovered in the prisoner's house. The portions picked up at deceased's head had evidently been used for wadding. Other evidence, not yet made public, was given, all of which bears strongly against the prisoner. The investigation will not conclude for some time, and it is understood that the prisoner will to-night be removed to Belfast, where the inquiry will be concluded.


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The Witness -- Friday, 27 November, 1874


CRAIG--Nov. 23, at Mullanure, Armagh, the wife of N. J. Craig, Napier Street, Belfast, of twins--son and daughter.

CHAPMAN--Nov. 24, at 43, Coomassie Terrace, Stranmillis Road, Belfast, the wife of Mr. J. H. Chapman, of a son.

HENDERSON--Nov. 19, at Mourne House, Strabane, the wife of Mr. John Henderson, of a son.

LAING--Nov. 24, at Beech Lawn, Boyle, the wife of James K. Laing, Esq., of twin sons.


JACKSON--STEWART--October 29, in Philadelphia, by the Rev. J. B. Dales, D.D., the Rev. William C. Jackson, of the Fourth United Presbyterian Church, to Mary Hall, only daughter of the late George Stewart, Esq., M.D., and niece to the Rev. Hall Stewart, Grange, Toomebridge, both of Philadelphia.

M'MuLLAN--M'GREEVY--Nov. 20, in the Roman Catholic Church, Portaferry, by the Rev. B. M'Cartney, Mr, Thomas M'Mullan, to Miss Eliza Ann M'Greevy, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. M'Greevy, Portaferry.

PATTERSON--SKELLY--Nov. 20, at the Presbyterian Church, Cargycreevy, by the Rev. R. S. Irwin, Mr. John Beatty Patterson, Cargycreevy, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Robert Skelly, Magheraknock, Ballynahinch.

THOMPSON--REA--Nov. 24, at Ballymacarrett Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Roe, LL.D., Rector of the Parish, W. J. Thompson, eldest son of the late John Thompson, Bridge End, Belfast, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late George Rea, Ballynahinch.


ANDERSON--Nov. 23, at 25, Posnett Street, off Donegall Pass, Belfast, Mary Ann Anderson.

ANDERSON--Nov. 21, at 66, Clifton Park Avenue, Belfast, Adelaide Emmy, wife of Deputy-Commissioner A. W. Anderson, Control Department, aged 30 years.

BOAL--Nov. 9, at Mountstewart, near Newtownards, Elizabeth, relict of the late William Boal, aged 86 years.

CUNNINGHAM--Nov. 23, at 2, Exchange Place, Donegall Street, Belfast, of bronchitis, William, infant son of William Cunningham.

GILMOUR--Nov. 22, at his residence, Great James Street, Londonderry, Mr. Robert Gilmour, aged 43 years.

GRAY--Nov. 24, at Crossgar, Co. Down, Rachel, youngest daughter of S. Gray.

HARDIE--Nov. 21, at the Union Hospital, Lisburn Road, Belfast, Alexander Hardie, Falkirk, N.B., aged 43 years.



THURSDAY a twelve-oared cutter belonging to H.M.S. Aurora, the guardship stationed in the Clyde, containing twenty-seven men and boys, was run down off Greenock by the Dublin steamer, the Duke of Leinster. The occupants of the cutter were violently thrown into the water, and before assistance could be rendered seventeen persons were drowned, their names being as follows :--William Luce, coxswain; Timothy Ring, William Dearie, Christopher Matthews, George Dobson, George Radson, Samuel Dunn, Charles Hicks, William Connell, Francis Hallett, John Gale, Alfred Arnold, Charles Hawkes, seamen; John Warren, stoker; Albert Baker, marine; William Henry Frethy, armourer's mate : and Frederick Morgan, gunner s mate-


THE following gentlemen have been returned by the judges of assize to serve as high sheriffs during the ensuing year:--

Antrim--Robert Jackson Alexander, Portglenone; Colonel Francis Macnaghten, Dundarve, Bushmills; Sir Charles Lanyon, the Abbey, Belfast.

Armagh--Viscount Newry, Melbourne Park, Rostrevor; Henry Wright Armstrong, Killyleagh; Major William Hall, Narrowater, Warrenpoint.

Carrickfergus, County and Town--Captain Francis Alcock Massey Poole, Natwich, Cheshire; George M'Auliffe, Ravenhill; Wm. Johns, Carrickfergus.

Donegal--John Stouppe Charley, Aranmore, Letterkenny; Viscount Crichton, Crom Castle, Lisnaskea; Johnston Barton, Letterkenny.

Down--Captain John Harrison, Holywood; Colonel Hon. Dudley de Ros, Strangford; Viscount Castlereagh, Newtownards.

Fermanagh--George Lendrum, Enniskillen; John Ellison Macartney, Clogher; Edgeworth Johnston, Magheramena, Bundoran.

Derry, County and City--James Clarke, Maghera; Henry Lloyd Bruce, Downhill, Coleraine; Adam Hogg, Manchester.

Monaghan--William Anketell, Anketell Grove, Emyvale; John Madden, Roslea; Wm. Henderson, Beaumont Park, Monaghan.

Tyrone--John Samuel Galbraith, Clonabogan, Omagh; Captain Hugh de Fellenberg Montgomery, Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown; Thomas Greer, Seapark, Belfast.


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