The Witness - Friday, 2 April, 1875


ARNOLD--March 28, at Crescent House, Belfast, the wife of Dr. Wilberforce Arnold, of a son.

BEATTY--March 30, at Ballycopeland Manse, Donaghadee, the wife of the Rev. J. Beatty, of a son.

CLARKE--March 26, at Cliftonville, Belfast, the wife of William James Clarke, of a daughter.

GRAHAM--March 29, at The Manse, Lisbellaw, the wife of the Rev. T. Saunden Graham, A.M., of a son.

MOORE--March 23, at Tully Manse, County Longford, the wife of the Rev. William Moore, M.A., of a daughter.

RUTLEDGE--March 27, at Dromore West, County Sligo, the wife of William Rutledge, Esq., of a son.


NELSON--IRVINE -- March 29, at the Old Presbyterian Church, Randalstown, by the Rev. R. Marr, Mr.Thomas Nelson, Woodvale Cottage, Antrim, to Lizzie, only daughter of Mr. Francis Irvine, Cranfield Randalstown.

M'CUTCHEON--GARLAND -- March 30, at the Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. R. Montgomery, assisted by the Rev. William M'Mordie, Indian Missionary, the Rev. J. M'Cutcheon, Ballyhobridge, to Miss Mary Sarah Garland, Clinoona Cottage, County Monaghan.

MOORE--BAILEY -- March 31, in Dungannon First Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. C. L. Morell, Mr. Samuel Moore, Belfast, to Miss Mary Bailey, Castlehill, Dungannon.


BRYAN--March 27, at Dundalk, Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr. John Bryan, Lungs Cloghe, County Tyrone, deeply regretted, aged 25 years.

FFORDE--March 30, of congestion of the brain, at Annacloon Rectory, Frances, youngest daughter of the Rev. Robert Fforde.

MOTHERWELL--March 14, suddenly, of typhoid fever, at Hanover, Missouri, United States, John Percival, son of the late Dr. Motherwell, Castlederg, County Tyrone, aged 25 years.

ROBINSON--March 31, at the residence of his father, Randalstown, Frederick, eldest son of Edmund Robinson, aged 18 years.

RUTHERFORD--March 28, of diphtheria, at Greenfield, Ballymena, Isabella, second daughter of John Rutherford, aged 2 years.

WILSON--March 29, at her residence, Lisnastrain, Co. Down, Agnes, relict of the late Carlisle Wilson; aged 86 years.



PASSING on towards Lurgan and Portadown, we come into a land of linen and green fields, where the pure white of the one contrasts cheerfully with the fresh verdure of the other, as it lies stretched on the level sward of the bleaching ground. This is the Portadown of which the chroniclers of the transactions of 1641 have left some very horrible tales as to how a fearful massacre was perpetrated by a party or parties not clearly known, and how a certain ghost was seen rising out of the river beside the town, and was heard to call vehemently for vengeance upon the individuals who had reduced it to its present wretched condition. Since this unfortunate period ghosts have not, as far as we are aware, been heard of in Portadown, having given way to linen and other articles of Northern trade, until it has become one of the most prosperous business centres in Ulster. Fresh and bright, and with every promise of future bloom, looks the country on all sides around this town of ghostly and ghastly traditions.--Irish Times.

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OUR Port-Glasgow correspondent, says the Herald, writes that considerable discussion has taken place there with reference to the amount of drunkenness in that burgh, and as to the sum of money spent by the people of all classes on alcoholic liquors. The lowest calculation is that not less than 40,000 is spent annually--the highest estimate being 90,000. Either of these calculations would seem to indicate that Port-Glasgow must be a publicans' paradise, whatever it may be for the people who send so large a sum of their hard-earned wealth into the gutters.

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THE following appears in the Census return for Ulster just issued :-Unitarians 9,027, Reformed Presbyterians 6,021, Baptists, 4,286, Independents 3,265, Protestants 2,103, Seceders 1,798, Society of Friends 1,746, Covenanters 1,537, Moravians 1,048, Christian Brethren, 999 ; United Presbyterians 671, Christians 529, Evangelical Union 316, Plymouth Brethren 269, No Profession 267, Non-Subscribing Presbyterians 262, Brethren 120, United Brethren 60, Jews 58, Catholic Apostolic Church 53, Congregationalists 52, Lutherans 44, Christian Israelites 39, Mormons 26, Nonconformists 26, Old Light Presbyterians 23, Protestants (Non-Sectarians) 23, Trinitarians 23, Anabaptists 20, Freethinkers 20, Non-Sectarian 19, New Light Presbyterians 16, Now Jerusalem 15, Dissenters 16, Evangelical Church 11, Free Church 11, Calvinists 8, Original Seceders 8, New Connection Methodists 7, Presbyterian Congregationalists 7, Protestant Dissenters 7, Society of Israelites 7, Free Church of Scotland 6, Latter day Saints 6, Separatists 6, Unsectarian, or Catholic Christians 6, Arians 6, Christadelphians 5, Church of Wales 5, Darbyites 5, Humanitarians 5, Independent Presbyterians 5, Morrissonians 5, New Lights 5, Swiss Protestants 5, Believers' Church 3, Disciples of Christ 3, Liberal Christians 3, Primitive Christians 3, Primitive Church 3, Apostolic Church 2, Believers in Jesus 2, Christ's Church known by Conversion 2, Presbyterian Free Church 2, Church of Christ 2,. Covenanter Presbyterians 2, Deists 2, Evangelists 2, New Testament Disciples 2, Protestant Brethren 2, A Member of Christ's Spiritual Church unknown to the World 1, Atheist 1, Confucian 1, Eclectic 1, French Calvinist 1, French Catholic 1, French Church 1, French Protestant 1, German Protestant 1, Greek Church 1, High Church of Scotland 1, Materialist 1, National Church of Switzerland 1, New Jerusalem Church 1, Protestant Congregationalist 1, Prussian Protestant 1, Rationalist 1, Reformed Church 1, Reformed French Church 1, Socialist 1, Swedenborgian 1, Swiss Church 1, Swiss National Church 1, Walkerite 1, unspecified 110.

As to education, there were 646,882 persons illiterate -- that is, could neither read nor write -- and of this number 419,960 were Roman Catholics. The gross number returned as able to read and write was 812,370, of which total 290,651 were Roman Catholics; while those who could "read only" were 373,967, of whom 186,529 were Roman Catholics.

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THE time-honoured custom of flogging in effigy the false disciple, so dear to all Portuguese sailors, was carried out on Friday, with all due ceremony, by the crews of several vessels of Portuguese and South American nationalities. At daybreak a life-sized figure of a man dressed in a sailor's costume, is hoisted to the masthead bearing this inscription, "This is Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ." About six, the entire crew assist in lowering it to the deck, the ship's bell meanwhile keeping up an incessant clanging. The figure is then carried three times round the deck, and finally lashed to the capstan. The crew then arm themselves with knotted ropes and proceed to belabour the disciple midst loud yells and shouting, the ship's bell all the time ringing an accompaniment. Pannikins of grog are served out, and this influence combined with religious zeal, renders the floggers almost frantic. The clothes are cut away in shreds, and when the figure is completely denuded the blocks of wood which does duty for the body is kicked over the deck. It is then suspended to a line and thrown overboard into the docks and repeatedly dipped. Owing to the dock regulations, the stump could not be publicly burnt. but not to be baulked of their auto de fa, it was chopped up into small fragments and handed over to the cook to be burned under the galley fire.


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The Witness - Friday, 9 April, 1875


CHARLEY--April 4, at Seymour Hill, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim, the wife of William Charley, Esq., a son.

MORRISON--April 6, at Pottinger Place, the wife of the Rev. Andrew Morrison, of a son.

TATE--March 4, at Sukkur, Upper Sind. the wife of John Tate. Esq., ex-engineer P.W.D., of a daughter.

USSHER--April 3, at Florence Villa, Lurgan, the wife of James Ussher, Esq., solicitor, of a son.


BARR--M'LAUGHLIN -- March 31, in Alt Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. S. Stewart, Mr. Wm. Barr, Gortnamuck, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. John M'Laughlin, Coolyslin, Castlefin.

HAMILTON--M'ILWAIN -- April 6, at Seaforde Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Alex. W. Whitley, Magherahamlet, Robert Hamilton, Manchester, to Ellen M'Ilwain, eldest daughter of Mr. James M'Ilwain, Drumgavlin, Ballynahinch.

HILL--ROBSON -- April 7, at the Presbyterian Church, Tobermore, County Derry, by the Rev. Charles L. Morell, assisted by the Rev. James A. Robson, uncle of the bride, and the Rev. Matthew Leitch, Mr. Wm. R. Gill, Dungannon, to Lottie, youngest daughter of the late William Robson, Esq., Larchmount, Dungannon.


LEGATE--April 8, at Kilkinamurry, Co. Down, Rev. George Legate, in the 81st year of his age and the 52nd of his ministry. His remains will be removed for interment in the Family Burying-ground, Kilkinamurry, on Monday, 12th instant, at twelve o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

CUPPLES--April 6, at Loughend, Loughbrickland, John Firth, son of Mr. James Cupples.

FFORDE--April 4, at Annaclone Rectory, the Rev. Robert Fforde, A.M., last surviving son of the late James Fforde, Raughlan, and for twenty-nine years Rector of Annaclone Parish, aged 73 years.

RUSSELL--April 7, at his father's residence, Bangor, after a lingering illness, Francis Russell, B.A., Q.U.I., and Licentiate of Presbyterian Church.

ROUNTREE--April 4, at Castlereagh, Simon Rountree, aged 45 years.

STEWART--April 6, at the Belfast District Hospital for the Insane, Robert Stewart, M.D., Resident Physician, aged 71 years.



DUBLIN, WEDNESDAY MORNING.-Touching the candidature for Meath it has been proved on the one hand that the Home Rule ticket is considered a sine qua non by the electors, and that on the other, candidates who are sound as to their Liberal programme in all other respects, are not prepared to swallow the Nationalistic dose. This goes to explain the situation which in my last despatch I said was about to be created. John Martin has popularised Presbyterianism in Meath and has made a Northern acceptable. Meath would adopt him if he could consent to form his politics upon hers. Now, it may be, that a Northern Liberal could see no difficulty in doing this in the main, but that he also might have conscientious qualms as to Home Rule. Thus, the one side, we will suppose, being exacting, and the other uncompromising, it will be seen that the circumstances only provided for a friendly declare off, and the interchange of mutual good wishes. The deduction from the whole affair is that if the Northern Liberals can manage to educate themselves into Home Rule, they can set about an invasion of the South as soon as they like. Mr. Charles Parnell--a very strong man--is, as you see, out canvassing. It is very unlikely he will be opposed. Lord R. Montague is coming over to canvass for him, but it is a work of supererogation. Saunders has at length been disposed of, the plant, copyright, &c., being purchased for 32,000 by, it is said, an eminent member of the Society of Friends. A new office is to be built where the old one has so long stood. Sie transit!


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The Witness - Friday, 16 April, 1875


BERWICK--April 11, at Richmond Lodge, Antrim Road, Belfast, the wife of Walter Berwick, Esq., of a daughter.

BRADBURY--April 10, at Springfield Terrace, Belfast, the wife of James Bradbury, of a son.

DAVIDSON--April 10, at Turf Lodge, the wife of John Davidson, of a daughter, stillborn.

GRIMSHAW--April 11, at Cloona, Dunmurry, the wife of Nicholas W. Grimshaw, Esq., of a son.

HAUGHIE--April 8, at 7, Academy Street, Belfast, the wife of Andrew Haughie, of a son.

MASSY-April 8, at Hollymount House, Manorhamilton, the wife of Richard Albert Massy, Esq., R.M., of a daughter.

M'CLAVEETY--April 8, at Sydney Street, Belfast, the wife of John M'Claverty, of a son.

M'LARNON--April 10, at 8, Washington Street, Belfast, the wife of W. M'Larnon, of a son.

M'ILRAITH--April 12, at Mount Vernon, Belfast, the wIfe of John M'Ilraith, of a daughter.

RITCHIE--April 11, at 10, Castlereagh Street, Mountpottinger, Belfast, the wife of Samuel Ritchie, of a daughter.

SMYTH--April 6, at 9, Beresford Row, Armagh, the wife of the Rev. Jackson Smyth, of a daughter.

VESEY--April 8, at Castle Street, Lisburn, the wife of the Rev. T. Agmondisham Vesey, of a son.

WHEELER--Feb. 22, at Yokohama, Japan, the wife of Edwin Wheeler, M.D., of a daughter.


CULLY--M'CRACKEN -- April 6, at the First Presbyterian Church, Dromore, by the Rev. J. K. Strain, William James, third son of the late Mr. George Cully, Lisnaward, to Rachel, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Arthur M'Cracken, . Lurganbane, Dromore.

HAMILTON--M'ILWAIN -- April 6, at Seaforde Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Alex. W. Whitley, Magherahamlet, Robert Hamilton, Manchester, to Ellen M'Ilwain, eldest daughter of Mr. James M'Ilwain, Drumgavlin, Ballynahinch.

MENZIES--NETTLETON -- April 7, at the Presbyterian Church, Waringstown, by the Rev. L. E. Berkeley, James R. Menzies, Belfast, to Ruth fourth daughter of the late John Nettleton, Lurgan.

MURLAND--FERGUSON -- April 7, at Bannside Presbyterian Meeting-house, by the Rev. John Morrison, assisted by the Rev. George Wilson, Clotworthy Warren, second son of Charles Murland, Esq., Ardnabannon, Castlewellan, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Thomas Ferguson, Esq., J.P., Edenderry House, Banbridge.

MATHIESON--BENSON -- April 7, at Sinclair Seamen's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Robert Crawford, David, eldest son of Captain Thomas Mathieson, Aberdeen, to Louisa Harriett, youngest daughter of Joseph J. Benson, Limerick.

MONCK--HUDSON -- April 7, at the First Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee, by the Rev. Wm. Witherow, assisted by the Rev. R. T. Simpson, Carrickmacross, Mr. Hans Monck, Donaghadee, to Rose Anna, second daughter of the late Mr. John Hudson, Donaghadee.

M'MURTRIE--ASH -- April 9, at Albert Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. James Young, Mr. Robert M'Murtrie, to Miss Lizzie Ash, both of Belfast.

M'CULLOUGH--SENIOR -- April 9, at St. Andrew's Church, Hope Street, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Busby, LL.D., Mr. Alexander M'Cullough, Belfast, to Maria, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Senior, New Mills, County Tyrone.

PEOPLES--CAMPBELL -- April 8, at the Presbyterian Church, Newtowncunningham, by the Rev. W. Scott, Andrew Peoples, Esq., Carrowreagh, Burt, to Annie, eldest daughter of the late Matthew Campbell, Esq., Gortinleave House, Bogay, Derry.

THOMPSON--KYLE -- April 9, at the First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, by the Rev Jackson Smyth, assisted by the Rev. James Fleck, Adam Thompson, Cloughfin, to Elizabeth Kyle, Armagh.

SMITH--BEWLEY -- April 13, at the Parish Church, Kilclief, by the father of the bride, John Turnbull Smith, C.A., Edinburgh, to Katherine Murray, eldest daughter of the Rev. B. F. Bewley, Rector of Kilclief, Co. Down.


BAIRD--April 14, at 2, Cromac Park Terrace, Ormeau Road, after a lingering illness, George C. Baird, of the firm of W. & G. Baird, Arthur Street, aged 42 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Borough Cemetery, on to-morrow (Friday) morning, at nine o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

ANDREWS--Feb. 17, at College Hill, Nelson, New Zealand, Thomas, third son of Michael John Andrews, formerly of Belfast, in the 26th year of his age.

ARCHBOLD--April 8, at Rathmullen Glebe, near Downpatrick, the Rev. Charles Archbold, for sixty years incumbent of that parish.

BINGHAM--April 10, at Drumlee, near Castlewellan, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Robert Bingham, aged 26 years.

HUNT--April 10, at Donaghadee, of diphtheria, Sidney O'Neill, child of Captain R. S. Hunt, R.N., Coastguard, Donaghadee, aged 7 years.

HARPER--April 12, at her son's residence, Lower Whitehouse, Mary, relict of the late Thomas Halper.

HUNTER--April 12, at Millisle, Co. Down, Eliza J. Hunter, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant V. P. Hunter, R.N., aged 47 years.

HUNTER--April 11, at her father's residence, 10 Bridge Street, Ballymena, Jane, daughter of Hugh Hunter, aged 13 years.

JONES--At Tirhoot, Bengal, from the effects of an accident, James Berkeley Lindsay, eldest son of Major James Jones, D.L., J.P., Mount Edward, Co. Sligo, and 18, Leeson Park, Dublin, aged 32 years.

KILPATRICK--April 7, suddenly, at Ballynahinch, Isabella, the wife of T. F. Kilpatrick.

KENNEDY--March 21, at 2,126, Winter Street, Philadelphia, U.S., John, third son of Mr. Patrick Kennedy, Main Street, Larne.

LENNON--March 26. at 306, East Thirty-Sixth Street, New York, Michael Lennon, a native of Co. Down, aged 21 years.

LEGATE--April 8, at Kilkinamurry, Co. Down, Rev. George Legate, in the 81st year of his age, and 52nd of his ministry.

M'CONNELL--April 13, at Rashee, Elizabeth, second daughter of James M'Connell, aged 28 years.

M'BURNEY--April 7, at Ballymartin, Arthur M'Burney, aged 54 years.

PATTON--April 12, at 55, North Thomas Street, Alexander Wynne, second son of Robert Patton, aged 4 years. .

POLLOCK--April 5, at Oldtown, near Bellaghy, Castledawson, Charles Pollock, aged 78 years.

SCOTT--April 9, of croup, at Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Edward Dill, youngest child of John Scott, Esq., Dromore.



THE Registrar-General gives in his recently issued report for 1872 the usual list of religious denominations in England having chapels or places of meeting certified for religious worship. Since the list for the preceding year was compiled he has had to add to the number "The Christadelphinans."

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THE Gazette of last week contains an offer of a reward of 300 to any person who will give such information as will lead to the arrest of the person who shot Daniel Hagan while travelling in a third-class carriage between the Trew and Moy station on the Ulster Railway on the 17th March last. The reward will be paid on the conviction of the party by W. Moore Miller, Resident Magistrate, at Armagh.


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The Witness - Friday, 23 April, 1875


BURNSIDE--April 11, at Carryduff, the wife of the Rev. S. D. Burnside, of a son.

BROWN--April 17, at Laggan Cottage, Belfast, the wife of Mr. W. K. Brown, prematurely, of a son, which survived its birth only a few hours.

COOKE--April 19, at Rosebank, Windsor Avenue, Belfast, the wife of Alexander Cooke, of a son, stillborn.

CROTTY--April 16, at Ravenhill, Belfast, the wife of Robert E. Crotty. Esq., Bank of Ireland, Londonderry, of a son, stillborn.

COCHRANE--April 20, at Tempo, the wife of the Rev. William James Cochrane, of a daughter.

DEANS--April 18, at Ballymacbrennan, Lisburn, the wife of James Deans, of a daughter.

DAVIS--April 17, at 42, Frederick Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Richard Davis, of a daughter.

FLEMING--April. 18, at Nicholson Terrace, Londonderry, the wife of Mr. John Fleming, of a daughter, stillborn.

GAUSSEN--April 19, at the Woods Parsonage, the wife of the Rev. Edmund J. Gaussen, of a son.

HOLLAND--April 13, at 23, Malvern Place, Belfast, the wife of Mr. John Holland, of a daughter.

HOGG--April 7, at Raffery, Co. Down, the wife of Mr. William Hogg, of a son.

MORRIS--April 13, at 6, Magdala Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. A. Morris, of a daughter.

M'MURRAY--At Ballyclare, the wife of J. T. M'Murray, Baptist Minister, of a daughter.

REED--April ,18, at 13, Fleetwood Street, Belfast, the wife of James Reed, Victoria Street, of a son .

STEWART--April 16, at Market Street, Magherafelt, the wife of Mr. Robert Stewart, of a son.

STRAIN--April 15, at 8, Pakenham Street, Belfast, the wife of H. Strain, of a son.


CHAMBERS--NELSON -- April 17, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. John Spence, John H. Chambers, third son of the late Mr. Thomas Chambers, High Street, Holywood, to Fanny, fourth daughter of Mr. James Nelson, Langford Lodge, Crumlin, Co. Antrim.

CAIRNS--RUSSELL -- April 13, at College Square North Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Gray, John Cully Cairns, Esq., to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late James Russell, Esq., Sommerville House, Andersonstown, Falls.

M'DONALD--SMITTON -- April 8, at the Presbyterian Church, Dunfanaghy, by the Rev. Wm. Kane, A.B., Mr. Duncan M'Donald, Ards, to Jessie Harte, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Smitton, Ards.

M'CULLOGH--M'CONNELL -- April 15, at Dunluce Church, Bushmills, by the Rev. Charles Ovenden, Robert M'Cullogh, Loughbrickland, County Down, to Harriet M'Connell, Castledillon, Armagh.

ROBINSON--TRIMBLE -- April 11, at the Presbyterian Church, Rutland Square, Dublin, by the Rev. John Elliott, Donoughmore, assisted by the Rev. J. W. Ellison, M.A., Castlebellingham, Frederick Robinson, Esq., Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, eldest son of the late Frederick Robinson, Esq., Captain R.N., to Hester, third daughter of the late John Trimble, Esq., M.D., Castlebellingham.

ROBINSON--STORMONT -- April 20, at St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Hugh Hanna, Robert Robinson, to Lucinda Stormont, both of Belfast.

WHITLEY--COOPER -- April 13, at Lisbellaw Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. A. W. Whitley, Magherahamlet, brother to the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Graham, Lisbellaw, Mr. Samuel Whitley, Fivemiletown, to Miss Jane Cooper, Tempo.


AGNEW--April 16, at her late residence, 5, Riley's Place, Belfast, Eliza Agnew, aged 26 years.

ANDERSON--April 16, at his fathers residence, Elmville, University Road, Belfast, Joseph Anderson, jun.

BINGHAM--April 14, at Derryboy, Co. Down, Sarah, wife of Hugh Bingham, aged 61 years.

CHICHESTER--April 15, at Greencastle, Co. Donegal, Catherine, relict of the late Rev. Edward Chichester, formerly Rector of Kilmore, Diocese of Armagh, aged 82 years.

COLVILLE--At his late residence, Strandtown, John Colville, late of H.M. Coastguard Service, aged 83 years.

CROZIER--April 16, at her mother's residence, 20, Denmark Street, Belfast, Jane, eldest daughter of the late John Crozier.

CONNOLLY--April 18, at 255, York Street, Belfast, Catherine, wife of Peter Connolly.

DAWSON--April 18, at 125, Sandy Row, Belfast, Lizzie, eldest daughter of Robert Dawson, aged 6 years.

DEANS--April 18, at Ballymacbrennan, Lisburn, the infant daughter of James Deans.

DUNN--April 17, at his residence, 16, Ellor Street, Pendleton, Manchester, James, only brother of Robert Dunn, 79, Ormeau Road, Belfast.

FORSYTHE--April 18, at 10, Fleet Street, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. John Forsythe, aged 8 years.

GIBSON--April 18, at his residence, Ballyhone, John Gibson, sen., aged 76 years.

HARVEY--April 17, at 26, James Street, Shankhill Road, Belfast, Mr. Samuel Harvey, aged 27 years.

HOWARD--April 16, at 4, Thorndale Avenue, Belfast, Ralph AEimlius, youngest son of Ralph. J. Howard, aged 4 years.

HOGG--April 18, at the residence of her father, Mr. John Coates, Raffery, Co. Down, Eliza, the beloved wife of Mr. William Hogg, aged 30 years.

KIRK--April 17, at 63, Frances Street, Newtownards, Mr. Gilbert Kirk.

M'MINN--April 17, at 8, Osborne Terrace, Balmoral, Francis C., eldest son of Francis M'Minn, M.D., Belfast.

M'CLELLAND--April 15, at Wilton House, Bailieboro', Co. Cavan, Sarah, the beloved wife of Thomas M'Clelland, aged 50 years.

M'DOWELL--April 18, at his father's residence, 23, Court Street, Newtownards, John, eldest son of D. M'Dowell.

PRINTER--April 18, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Thomas Smyth, Milltown, Banbridge Agnes, wife of Mr. Edward Printer, Belfast, aged 84 years.

RITCHEY--April 22, at her residence, Gortacloghan, near Garvagh, Sarah, wife of Mr. Jas. Ritchey.

ROSS--April 18, at his residence, Ballyclare, Mr. John Ross.

SIMMS--April 20, at Ballyclare, Wm. John, second son of Wm. John Simms, aged 4 years.

WALLACE--April 16, at 8, Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast, James Oliver, son of the late Rev. James Wallace, Assembly's Missionary to India.


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The Witness - Friday, 30 April, 1875


ANDERSON--April 26, at Sixmilecross, the wife of R. H. Anderson, of a daughter.

BOYD--April 17, at 4, Richmond Square, Belfast, the wife of James Boyd, of a daughter.

COLLINS--April 7, at 43, Ludlow Street, Philadelphia, the wife of Mr. Robert Collins, formerly of Belfast, of a son.

EDESON--April 26, at 7, Mount Charles, Belfast, the wife of Mr. J. R. Edeson, Professor of Music, of a son.

ENGLISH--April 22, at Lagan View Terrace, Hilden, the wife of Mr. J. English, of a daughter.

GIRDWOOD--April 24, at The Lodge, Strandtown, the wife of John Girdwood, of a son.

KEARNs--April 20, at The Cottage, Mount Bellew, the wife of Lyons Kearns, Esq., Bank of Ireland, of a daughter.

LOUGH--April 27, at Portballintrae, Bushmills, the wife of the Rev. W. J. Lough, of a son.

M'INTYRE--April 20, at Derby Terrace, Sydenham, near Belfast, the wife of John M'Intyre, of a son.

M'NEILLY--April 14, at New York, America, the wife of Mr. Hugh M'Neilly, formerly of Newtownards, of a son.

MURPHY--April 24, at 90, Grosvenor Street, Belfast, the wife of William Murphy, jun., of a daughter.

SHELLEY--April 17, at Windsor, the Lady Mary Shelley, of a daughter.

THOMAS--April 23, the wife of Philip W. Thomas, Belfast, of a son.

TURNER--April 22, at Elm Pack, Drumcondra, the wife of George D. Turner, of a daughter.

WILLIAMS--April 28, at 37, Botanic Terrace, Dublin Road, the wife of Thomas Williams, of a daughter.


CHARLESSON--FORSYTHE -- April 28, at Agnes Street Wesleyan Church, Belfast, by the Rev. T. J. Forsythe, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. J. Dwyer, Richard Williams, only son of the late Montague Graham Charlesson, to Caroline Sarah, youngest surviving daughter of John Forsythe, Belfast.

FRASER--UPTON -- April 28, at Dundrod Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Wm. Magill, assisted by Dr. Magill, Ballywalter, David, only son of the late Andrew Fraser, Budore, to Martha, fifth daughter of Mr. John Upton, Budore.

HALL--SHARPE -- April 26, at the Presbyterian Church, Shercock, by the Rev. T. R. White, Bailieboro', assisted by the Rev. J. W. Sharpe, Moneymore, brother of the bride, James Hall, Esq., Skes, Bailieboro', to Mary Jane, daughter of Edward Sharpe, Esq., near Cootehill.

MACBETH--COLVILLE -- April 27, by special license, at Killearn House, by the Rev. W. Todd Martin, Robert Macbeth, Esq., Ballindreat, Co. Donegal, to Jane, daughter of William Colville, Esq., Killearn, Co. Down.

MILLS--BLAIR -- April 23, at Agnes Street Wesleyan Church, Belfast, by the Rev . T. Dwyer, assisted by the Rev. T. J. Forsythe, Thomas Chambers Mills, Belfast, to Lizzie Blair, Dunsaney, Co. Antrim.

M'KIBBEN--M'NEILLY -- April 22, at Annalong Church, by the Rev. A. Dudgeon, Mr. William M'Kibben, Kilkeel, to Anne, daughter of the late Mr. Robert M'Neilly, Moneydaragh.

PARKINSON--VOWELL -- April 21, at St. Mark's Church, Armagh, by the Rev. Charles Faris, Mr. James Riddell Parkinson, to Frances Stewart, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Richard Vowell, D.D., formerly Rector of Clonoulty, Cashel.

WALTERS--HENDERSON -- April 22, at Rosemary Street Church, Belfast, by the Rev. William Park, A.M., Alfred H. Walters, Millbrook, Londonderry, to Catherine, third daughter of the late John Henderson, 13, Castle Place, Belfast.

WILTON--LINDESAY -- April 20, at Monkstown Church, by the Rev. Neville Kearney, A.M., assisted by the Rev. A. H. Palmer, A.M., Henry Wilton, Esq., Royal Irish Constabulary, youngest son of the late George J. Wilton, Esq., Omard House, County Cavan, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Lindesay, Upper Cumber, Co. Londonderry.


BARRON--April 25, at Umgall, James G. Barron, aged 62 years.

COLVIN--April 25, at 14, Seymour Street, Belfast, Margaret, the beloved wife of James Colvin.

CRAIG--April 27, of consumption, at Wardlow Ville, Lower Sydenham, near Belfast, Adam Craig, aged 19 years.

CAMPBELL--April 27, at 109, Peter's Hill, Belfast, Matilda, daughter of John Campbell, aged 21 years.

CONN--April 22, at No. 22, Raphael Street, Belfast, Ellen Conn.

COWDEN--April 22, at Annahilt, James, second son of Mr. Hugh Cowden, aged 19 years.

DUNDEE--April 26, at Bruslee, near Ballyclare, Mrs. Jane Dundee, aged 87 years.

DOUGLAS--April 25, at Glass Island, Ballycastle, Mary, only child of Mr. George Donglass [sic].

FARQUHAR--April 24, at Jordanstown, Johannah, youngest daughter of' the late John F. Farquhar.

GIBSON--April 23, at 12, Seymour Street, Belfast, Agnes, wife of Mr. Samuel Gibson, aged 36 years.

HARPUR--April 25, at Gorestown House, Moy, Mary, wife of Thomas H. Harpur, Esq.

HOGG--April 18, at the residence of her father, Mr. John Coates, Raffery, Co. Down, Eliza,. wife of Mr. William Hogg, aged 30 years.

HUNTER--April 22, at Killealy, Ellen, beloved wife of Thomas Hunter.

JOHNSON-SMTH--April 25, at Kingstown, Charlottte, relict of the late Thomas Johnson-Smyth, Esq., J.P., D.L., Lisburn, aged 83 years.

LIVINGSTON--April 22, at 9, Dickson Street, Belfast, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James Livingston, aged 70 years.

M'FADDEN--April 28, at his residence, Ballylane, the Rev. Hutchinson M'Fadden, Minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ballylane, Co. Armagh.

M'ELROY--April 22, at 28, Pine Street, Belfast, William, youngest son of William John M'Elroy.

M'ILVENNA--Apri1 23, at his residence Kilnock Gallbog, Mr. William MrIlvenna, aged 78 years.

MINNIECE--Aprll 26, at the residence of her son-in-law, M. B. N. M'Dowell, 155, Old Lodge Road, Belast, Mrs. Rebecca Minniece, aged 66 years.

SADLIER--April 21, at 32, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, London, the Rev. Francis Ralph Sadlier, D.D., son of the late Provost of Trinity College Dublin, aged 69 years.

WILLIAMSON--April 24, at Ahorey, Co. Armagh, the residence of her father, Mary, second, daughter of Mr. Robert Williamson, aged 19 years.



ON Friday the depositions of John Flynn were taken. There were nione prisoners present in custody, four of whom were discharged, and the remaining five were brought back to jail. A short time since Flynn purchased from M'Cabe, for a few pounds, his interest in a rent-charge of 10 a year, payable out of the farm occupied by Smith. On M'Cabe's death recently Flynn brought an action for rent at last qurter sessions, but the case was dismissed. Flynn proceeded on Thursday to serve notices on Smith demanding posession, and approached the house alone. He was in the act of pushing the notice through a chink in the door when the shot was discharged from the window of an outhouse, striking him in the back, fracturing the spinal column, and then taking a downward course lodged in the pelvis. It is further alleged that a letter was found informing Smith of Flynn's intended visit, and telling him to be prepared to receive him. Flynn continues to sink rapidly, all attempts to extract the ball having proved fruitless. He died on Monday

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


AT the Belfast Police Court, on Tuesday, the following case was heard:--

A respectable-looking man named Edward Jones was put forward in custody, charged with receiving money under false pretences from Sir Edward Coey and others. Mr. Coulter prosecuted. Sir Edward Coey, D.L., deposed that he saw the prisoner in his office some days ago, when he stated that his wife was dead, and wanted money to bury her. Witness asked him, to get a letter from the Rev. Wm. Johnston. Prisoner then went away, and returned with a letter purporting to be written by the Rev. Mr. Armstrong to Sir Edward Coey, soliciting charity on the prisoner's behalf, stating that the prisoner was a member of his congregation, in a destitute condition, afflicted in home, and the son of a Presbyterian clergyman. In consequence of this letter witness gave him 5s, and he now found out that it was a forgery. Mr. James Vint, an employee in Sir E. Coey's establishment, gave corroborative evidence, and saw the 5s paid. Witness afterwards went to Mr. Armstrong's residence, gave information to the police and had the prisoner arrested. The Rev. John Armstrong deposed that the prisoner had been often in his residence seeking help. The letter produced, signed John Armstrong, and dated , "33, Antrim Terrace," was a forgery. On a previous occasion the prisoner applied for some assistance, on the plea that his child had died, and he had not the money to bury it. Witness then gave him three or four shillings. The prisoner invited him to visit his residence and conduct service there prior to the funeral. Witness went to the address given, but the prisoner was unknown. Acting-Constable M'Loughlin deposed that he went to the prisoner's residence, 5, Lee Street, where he sa y{ his wife and children alive and well. The prisoner said Mr. Armstrong was a kind friend to him, and anything he received either from him or Mr. Hamilton he considered was a charity. The Rev. Thomas Hamilton, M.A., Presbyterian clergyman, York Street, deposed that he saw the prisoner about a year ago, when he said he was applying to be a colporteur, and that his case was under consideration, but that, in the meantime, he needed help, which the witness gave. The last time he came to him he represented himself as a member of Mr. Armstrong's congregation, and as being in great distress. Witness gave him some shillings in each case. Mr. G. A. Workman, Rugby Road, deposed that the prisoner came to him and appealed for assistance, mentioning Mr. Armstrong's name, and witness asked him to get a note from that gentleman, which the prisoner shortly procured, and in consequence of that letter he gave him 5s. Mr. Armstrong was examined, and denied ever having written any letter for the prisoner. Mr. Coulter read a letter found on the prisoner when arrested, purporting to be written by the Rev. Charles Seaver in which the prisoner was described as the son of an Episcopalian clergyman, and written almost similar to that sent to Sir Edward Coey. Sub-Inspector Harold proved the arrest. The prisoner threw himself on the mercy of the court, and to their worship's leniency. Mr. Harold said he had no doubt he saw the prisoner at the Dungannon Sessions about ten years ago, when he was charged with a similar offence. The prisoner, after some hesitation, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to three calendar months' imprisonment.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


LAST Tuesday, a fishing-boat left Borde, on the west coast of Scotland, for the cod-fishing. She was swamped on Saturday, and her crew of seven men were drowned. Part of her nets and an oar have been recovered, but none of the bodies of the crew have been found. Four widows and seventeen cllildren have been left destitute by the occurrence.


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