Types of Notice

There are various types of notice found in the papers


Occasionally notices were placed to announce the birth of a child and usually only contained the name of the father. It was only in more recent times that the name of the mother or child was also given.


These notices contained details of the "happy couple" usually including names and sometimes residence of parents.

Death Notices

Originally these were mainly notices of interment but in later years also contained messages from family and friends. Notices from fellow employees or organisations can also be found.

In Memoriam

These notices are, as the name implies, memorial notices placed by family etc to comemorate the passing of a loved one.

Roll of Honour

These notices are also memorial notices but commemorate those in served in the services eg Army, RAF, etc.


These notices were placed to thank friends, neighbours etc for there support etc. at times of bereavment.

Missing Friends

These were transcribed by Brian Magaoidh and originally posted on the Belfast Mailing List

In Brian's own words -- "I came across a paper called Belfast Weekly News and found a column in it had which acted as a missing persons report. For any of you who might be dismissing names found in remote places, because they "couldnt belong to me!", take a look at some of the places mentioned in the extracts! Hopefully, someone, somewhere, might find these useful, and if any of you pick up a long lost legacy, dont forget me!!"

Under this heading we will be pleased to insert, free of charge, notices of absent friends whose whereabouts our readers may for any reason wish to discover. Communications of this nature must bear the signature and address of the writer.
Anyone wishing a notice to appear more than once can have it inserted at the nominal charge of 6d for one extra week, or three weeks extra for 1s. Those notices which have previousy appeared can be republished on these terms.

In many instancess these notices contain the names of several people so I have listed these under the family name only.


Under this heading I have added various reports such as inquests, society annual reports, court reports, accidents, subscription lits etc. Also many little notes I thought might be of interest both social and historical.


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