Centenary Book of the Church of Ireland Training College


Rev. H. Kingsmill Moore I

A Hundred Years! what mighty revolutions
     Have swept the world within their crowded span!
Empires have fallen, and new powers uprisen,
     But never since this God-built world began
          Has knowledge so outpoured
          The treasures of her hoard,
     Nor Earth so graciously revealed her plan.


A Hundred Years ago, in time of trouble,
     There came from Irishmen a new demand,
'On all alike confer the boon of knowledge,
     And blessings rich will sooth, and heal the land,
          So soon as all engage
          In study of the page
     Of Scripture, and unite-an earnest band.'


Forthwith the voices of a grateful people
     Uprose in welcome, and the teachers came
From far, and toiled in gathering wisdom's secrets;
     And once again our Island won a name
          For learning; all confessed
          That Erin's Schools were best,
     And numbers told the story of her fame.


A Hundred Years have sped, and still the teachers
     Flock to our Halls and toil, and still we pray
That God will fill them with His great ideals;
     Still is our aim to send them on their way
          With hearts attuned, to bring,
          As servants of the King,
     Fit preparation for a brighter day.


A Hundred Years! a teeming wealth of knowledge
     Poured forth for good or ill, with smiles and tears!
How have we used it? What has been our progress
     In work for God? What of the coming years?
          We answer, If men trace God's smile upon our face,
          All must be well--no room for fears.


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