Second Congregation of Protestant Dissenters, Belfast




"Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour." -- Ephesians iv. 25.

1776, June 8 -- N B. -- The foregoing Discourse was intended to prevent Perjury on occasion of a general election for the County of Antrim, when the influence of the lords on the one side, and a spirit of independency on the other, seemed to threaten the weaker favourers of either party with strong temptation to this crime. The discourse was delivered about the middle of the election (which lasted 17 days), when a thousand circumstances seemed to suggest the necessity of it. Bryson, 1776.
1783, March 6 -- Said before Assizes.
"Search the Scriptures." -- John v. 39.
1779, June 29 -- Preached before General Synod of Ulster as Moderator.
1787, July 31 -- Ordination of (Rev.) Mr. Porter at Greyabbey.
"For ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another." -- 1 Thess. iv. 9.
1777, November 14 -- The day on which afternoon a sermon was preached in church for the support of Poorhouse.
1783, June 24 -- Killead before 3 Lodges.
1792, December 27 -- Before a great many Lodges.
"Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God, and set a watch against them." -- Nehemiah iv. 9.
1778, November 22 -- Preached before the Belfast Union Volunteers.
1775, January 22 -- This day the people of the Established Church worshipped for the first time in the N. House.
1781, January 28 -- Death of Rev. Mr. Mackay.
1783, September 14 -- On the occasion of the death of Bro. Allen Searson, of the Orange Lodge, No. 257.
1785, January 2 -- Death of Dr. Ferguson.
1785, April 2 -- Death of Mr. (Robert) Joy.
1789, January 25 -- Death of Henry Joy, senr.
1789, March 15 -- This day, at the request of Government, we returned publick thanks to Almighty God for his Majesty's happy recovery from a long mental indisposition.
1790, January 31 -- My first sermon after the death of my wife, who changed corruptible for incorruption the 21st of same month.
1790, March 14 -- On the death of the Rev. Dr. James Crombie. (Died 1st March, 1790.)
1790, August 22 -- See S. M., being the first time of celebrating the Lord's Supper in the N. M.




  1. Rev. James Bryson left a large number of MS. Sermons, which the Presbytery of Antrim had bound in 14 volumes. These are now deposited in the Library of the Queen's College, Belfast.


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