Historic Memorials of the First Presbyterian Church Belfast



Present at a Meeting of "heads of familys & principal members," on Wednesday, 3 Sept., 1760.

Mess. Jams Adair John Ross Samuel Mattier, Jun.
William Wallace, Sen. Daniel Blow John Hay
Saml Mattier, Sen. John Fivey Captain Stewart
Hugh Donnaldson John Mathers Thoms McCIlwean
Doctor Haliday James Park Charles Cuningham
Doclor Mattier William Wilson

At this date the Session consisted of --

Samuel Smith John Ross John Jackson
Samuel Mattier R Wallace
John Gordon James Magee

A standing commiltee to be elected annually, and act with the session, was for the first time appointed at this meeting, the persons chosen being --

Mr. James Adair, Chairman Benjamin Legg James Getty
Doctor Haliday Thomas Sinclair John Mathers
Hugh Donnaldson Captain Stewart John Galt Smith
Daniel Blow John Hay Charles Cunningham, Secy.
R Gordon Joseph Wallace



Being the Stipend list of 1st Octr, 1775.

[The aisles &c are those of the Meeting House taken down in 1781. The Stipends range from 3d per month to 8s 1 1/2d per month; the total amount of Stipend due per month was 13 0 11 1/2 (Irish currency). The list is in the handwriting of the Treasurer, John Galt Smith.]
NORTH ISLE. Wid Smith Messrs. Linns
Mrs. Banks Margt Broom
Messrs. McKedy & Elder Mrs. Drennan
Mr. William Ramsey Miss Bigger SOUTH GALLERY.
Mr. James Kinley
Mr. Galan & Mr. Tnompson EAST ISLE. Mr. Henry Shaw
Mr. Samuel Mitchall Mr. John Dorman
John Brown Docr Mattear Mr. Thos Irwin
Mr. Mussenden Auld Miss Mattear's Robt Harper
Mr. Samuel Wilson Mr. Saml McTier James Robinson
Mr. Jess Taylor Mr. Jno Rainey Wm Warnock
Mr. James Dunn Docr Haliday Marthaw Patterson
Mr. William Gregg Mr. John Holmes Mr. Robt McCleary
Mr. James Grahams Mr. Hugh McMaster Mr. Robt Herdman
Mr. John Gregg Messrs. Scott & Armstrong John Dunbar
Mr. John Campbell Mrs. Donnaldson Robt Hanna
Mr. Hugh Montgomery Mr. Fr: Hamilton Marth: Rice
Messrs. Wm & Jno Brown Alexr Kirkpatrick
SOUTH ISLE. Mr. Apsley Walter Finley
Messrs. Orr & Stevenson Mark Ward
Mrs. Legg Mr. Thos McIlwean Mr. John McCormick
Mrs. J. Panton Mr. Thos Lyle Mr. John Wilson
Mrs. Dougless Mr. Jno Hay Junr Mr. Thos McCabe
Mr. James Park Mr. Jams Hughes Mrs. Hathron & Sistr
Mr. Davd Park Mrs. Harvey Mrs. Blackwell
Mrs. Park Mr. Wm Stewart Mr. Alexr McCormick
Miss Sharp Mr. Jno Hunter Ann Brown
J. G. Smith Messrs. Ewing & Brown Mr. Jams Perrey
Mr. C. Rs Mr. Thos Greg
Miss Hamilton EAST GALLERY.
Mr. Fr: Hamilton Mr. John Hay
Mr. John Hamilton Mr. John Mathers Mr. Dan: Blow
Mr. T. Sinclair Mr. David Henderson Mr. C. Montgomery
Mrs. Hamilton Mr. Robt Smith John Stewart
Mrs. Gordon Mr. Thos Grahams Capt. Martin
Mr. Robt Wallace Mr. And: Neilson Mr. Robt Smyth
Mr. Jos Wallace Mr. James Cooper Mr. Wm Brown
Mrs. Caldwell Mr. James Magee Mr. An: Crawford
Mr. Wm Wilson Mr. D. Manson Mr. Wm Osborn
Mr. James Getty Jno Sykes Mr. Row. Osborn
Mr. Her: Heyland Jno Robinson Margt McBridge
Mr. Is: Miller Jno Kennedy Mr. Jno Ward



Rainey Maxwell Esq Mr. R Gordon Mr. Joseph Wallace
Mr. John Rainey Mr. Francis Hamilton, Donegall St Mrs. Apsley
Mr. Wm Rainey Mr. John Galt Smith Messrs. Robt & Michael Linn
Docr Alexr Haliday Mr. James Park Mr. Thos Greg
Mr. John Holmes Mr. William Ramsey Miss Leggs
Mr. Thos Sinclair Mr. James Grahams Mr. John Cumming
Mr. John Ewing Mr. John Hamilton Mr. Davd Henderson
Mr. Wm Brown Mr. James Dunn & his son David Capt. Hugh Hathron
Mr. John Brown Mr. Thos Lyle Mr. Robt Smith
Mr. Thos Brown Mr. Cath: Callwell Mrs. Jane Hamilton
Mr. Francis Hamilton Mr. John Campbell Mr. Rowley Osburn
Mr. Her: Heyland Mr. Hugh Montgomery Mr. Robt McCleary
Mr. John Mathers Mr. Isaac Miller Mr. Samuel Mitchell
Mr. Charles Rs Mr. Thos McCabe Capt. John McKibbin
Docr John Mattear Mr. Hugh Allen Mr. Saml Stewart
Miss Mattears Mr. Wm Gregg Capt. Edwd McCormick
Mr. Robt Stevenson Mr. Hugh McIlwean Mr. Cunningham Greg
Mr. Alexr Orr Mr. Robt Hindman Capt. Steel
Mr. Wm Irwine Mr. Saml Mattear The Revd Docr Crombie
Mr. James Magee Mrs. Mary Park Mrs. Hamilton
The Wid: of Mr Henry McKedy Mr. Robt Thomson Mr. John Hay
Mr. James Stevenson Mrs. Ann Drennan Mr. Davd Manson
The gross amount was 960 11s 1 1/2d Irish Currency


Mr. John Cunningham Mr. Thos Major Mr. John Murdock
Mr. Saml Brown Mr. J: Luke Mr. Henry Bamber
Mr. Pat. Gaw Mr. Robt Wilson Mr. Thos Culbert
Mr. Thos Millikin Capt. Hugh Henderson Mrs. Houston
Miss Ker Mr. Davd Watson Mr. Hugh Cairins
Mr. James Ferguson Mr. James Ferguson, Junr
Mr. Stewart Beally Mr. Saml Hyde
The gross amount was 68 16s 4 1/2d Irish Currency


The Earl of Donegall Messrs Ansley & Lilly Mr. McIlroth
The Earl of Bristoll with the
following note,
Docr John Campbell White Mr. Hugh Johnston
Lord Bristoll's compliments wait
on Mr. Maxwell & is sorry that
his absence from Belfast necessarily
obliges him to trouble Mr. Maxwell
with the above Draft, he woud
have sent it sooner but waited
for the welcome permission to
Contribute to a Building which does
equal honor to the taste of the
Subscribers and the talent of the Architect.
Mr. James Clelland Mr. Hudson
Mr. Stewart Hadkis Mr. Hamil
Mr. Robt Carson Mr. Richd Seeds
Mr. Alexr Arthur Mr. Archd Scotts
Mr. Thos Hyde Mr. St. John Stewart
Mr. Samuel Ashmore Mr. Hugh Hindman
Mr. John Montgomery Mr. S: Ferguson
James Adair Esq, London Mr. Wm Boyle Mr. Mattear, Castle Street
Hugh Pringle Esq, Liverpool Mr. Charles Gaine Mr. Allen Searson
James Brown Esq, London Mr. William Burgess Mr. James McKane
Robt Stewart Esq, Newtown Ards Mr. Henry Joy Mr. James Trail Kennedy
Alexr Stewart Esq, Ditto Docr James Ferguson Mr. Sutherland
Hugh Johnston Esq, London Mr. Alexr Blackwell Mrs. Blizard
Herculas Rowley Esq Mr. James Suffern Mr. Simm
Right Hon.ble John O'Neill Mr. Thos Hardin Mr. Gilbert McIlvean
Thos Greg Esqre London Mr. John Smyth Mr. Val: Joyce
Mr. Daniel McCormick, New York Mr. Joseph Stevenson Mr. Francis Taggart
Edwd Jones Agnew Esq Mr. Wm Wilson, Apothacary Mr. Her: McComb
George Portis Esq Mr. Robt Getty Capt Thos Cavan
Mr. John Magee, Dublin Mr. Francis Savage Mr. John Montgomery
Stewart Banks Esq Mr. James Murphy Mr. Ch: Salmon
Daniel Mussenden Esq Mr. Hugh Crawford Mr. Isaac Ramage
Rowley Heyland Esq Mr. Robt Lylburn Mrs. Crawford, Bridge Street
Edward Brice Esq Mr. John Robinson Mr. John Neilson
Messrs Francis Turnley & Co Mr. Robt Knox Mrs. Henderson, Church Lane
Mrs Armstrong Messrs Moor & Emerson Capt Lewis Thomas
Thos Batison Esq Mr. James Mattear Mr. Phelps
John Brown Esq Mr. Barker Mr. Wm Stevenson
John Crawford Esq, Crawfordsburn Capt John McCracken Mr. James McGrigor, Glasgow
Revd Mr. Stope, Malone Mr. Blizard Mr. Robt Joy
Mr. James Patterson Mr. Auchenleck Mr. Robt Scott
Mr. Nath: Wilson Mr. Dunsmore Mr John Goddard
Mr. Thos Lyon Mr. J: Bradshaw Mr. John Boyle
Mrs. Collyer Mr. A: Armstrong Mr. Charles Britts
Mr. George Darley Mr. John Caldwell Mr. Robt Wilson
Mr. John Alexander Mr. Henderson Mr. James Montgomery
Capt. Ch: McKenzie Mr. John Scott Wad: Cunningham, Esq
Capt. Robt Moor Mr. Elliots Capt James Bristow
Mr. Wm Anderson Mr. Wm Brecon Davd Conyngham Esq
Mr. John Bashford Mr. McCrum Mr McAully, Brickmaker
The gross amount was 714 3s. 8d. Irish currency


Mrs. Collyer Mrs. Portis Mrs. Pottinger
Mrs. D: Cunyngham Mrs. J. Park Miss Lydia Smith
Mrs. Holmes Mrs. M. Park Mrs. J. G. Smith
Mrs. Saml Holmes Mrs. Allen Mrs. Donnaldson
Mrs. Jno Hamilton Mrs. Irwine Mrs. Hugh Allen
Mrs. Patrick Mrs. M. A. Harrison Mrs. Stewarts
Mrs. Dobbs Mrs. Docr Mattear Mrs. Lyle
Mrs. Caldwell Mrs. Haliday Mrs. Ferguson
Mrs. Jno Brown Miss Greg Mrs. Hamilton
Mrs. Thos Brown Miss Banks Mrs. Magee
Mrs. Tomb Mrs. W. Cunningham Miss Fivey
Miss Joy Mrs. Robt Thomson Miss Sharp
Miss Dunbar Mrs. Robt Gordon
The gross amount was 39 4s. 10 1/2d Irish currency




R McCleary Capt J. McKibbin, Chichester Quay Mrs. Rabb, Rosemary Lane
Richd Getgood, Rosemary Lane David Manson, Donegal Street Robt Herdman, Ann Street
Wm Mulrea, Church Lane Thos Sinclair, Mill Street Jno Murdoch, Bridge Street
John Robinson W. Sinclair, Do Robt Linn, Skipper's Lane
Miss Allen, Mill Gate Will. Nichol, Pottinger's Entry P. McMaster, High Street
Arthur Thompson David Watson, Bridge Street Wm Ramsey, High Street
Miss McDowell, High Street Dr. Haliday, Castle Street Mrs. Kenley, High Street
Robt Smith, Bridge Street Mrs. Drennan, Donegal Street Jas Luke, Donegal Street
Robt Wilson, Parade J. Ewing, Belfast Bank Jno Holmes, Belfast Bank
Stewart Beatty, Hercules Lane Edwd McCormick, Chichester Quay Jno G. Smith, High Street
Mrs Graham } Bridge Street Jno Cumming, Ann Street Mrs. Park } High Street
Jno C. Graham } Jno Hunter, Church Lane Miss Sharp }
Hugh Montgomery, Linen Hall Street Miss Hays, } Bridge Street Miss Eliz: Apsley, Castle Street
Samuel Brown, High Street Robt McCleary } Mrs. Houston } Linenhall Street
James Dunn} Donegal Street Jno Hamilton, Belfast Bank Jno Houston }
David Dunn } Mrs. Crombie, Donegal Street Geo. Bamber } High Street
Dr. Mattear, High Street Rainey Maxwell } Miss Bamber }
Miss Mattears} Cunningham's Row Jno Rainey } Greenville Simon McCreery, North Street
S. McTier } W. Rainey } Jas Ferguson, North Street
James Magee} Bridge Street Thos Greg } Gaws Place Robt Hodgson, North Street
Wm Magee } Cun. Greg Robt Patterson, Bridge Street
Mrs. Callwell } Robt Gordon, Parade Jas Holmes, Donegal Street
John Callwell } Bridge Street D. Gordon, Linenhall Street Mark Ward, High Street
R Callwell } W. Brown, Waring Street Mrs. Mills, Caddie's Entry
Thos Milliken, Donegal Street Jno Brown, Linenhall Street Mrs. Wills, Rosemary Lane
Jno Gregg, Waring Street Thos Brown, Waring Street Jas Mason, New Brewery
Capt H. Henderson, Hanover Quay Jno Oakman } Wm Wilson, Donegal Street
Robt Thompson, Mile Water W. Oakman } Waring Street Jas Hyndman, High Street
Mrs. Donaldson, Bridge Street Mrs. Allen, Linenhall Street Robt Major
Miss Bigger } Hercules Lane Jno Mathers, Waring Street Jno Thompson
Miss J. Hamilton } Chas Rs, Waring Street Jas Davidson
Thos Lyle, High Street W. Irwin, Ann Street Al. McGregor
James Ferguson, Woodville Mrs. Hyde, Parade Geo. Knox
Alexr Orr, Linenhall Street Isaac Miller, Bridge Street Jas Glancy Jan 12 I791
R Stevenson, Donegal Street Miss Legg, Bridge Street David Mattear, Castle Street
John Campbell, Ann Street Capt. Steel, Waring Street J. McDonnell, Bridge Street
Mrs. Park, High Street Robt Montgomery, Arthur Street E. Cochran
James Stevenson, Chichester Quay Hugh Kairns, Parkmount Jas Brown
Rowland Osborne} Mrs. Jackson, Waring Street Mrs. Robinson
R. Osborne, Jr } Church Lane Mrs. Joy, Linenhall Street Jno Thomson, Jenneymount
W. Osborne } Mrs. Haven, Hercules Lane J. Graham
Mrs. McKedy, High Street Capt. Scott, High Street Jas Patterson
Samuel Mitchell, Ann Street Mrs. W. Blackwell, Donegal Street Thos Graham



[The pew numbers (G=Gallery) and addresses are added from Rev. W. Bruce's Manuscript, 1812.]
Belfast, 1st June, 1812.

ANNEXED you have the names of the MEMBERS of the FIRST DISSENTING CONGREGATION who pay Stipend. An Election of a Committee for one year, will take place in the Meeting-House, on, SUNDAY the 7th inst. immediately after the Evening Service, when you are requested to come prepared with Lists. The present Committee are marked thus *

31 Mrs. Allen, Donegall Place
5 Wm. Armstrong, Donegall Street, afterw. at North St
55 Allen Barklie, Donegall Street
27 Mrs. Batt, Donegall Place
31 Miss Bigger, Castle Street, corner of Chapel Lane
50 *Alexr. Black, High Street
37 Henderson Black, Donegall Square East
G 12 Mathew Black, Bridge Street
43 Mrs. Blackwell, Donegall Street
17 James Blair, Merville
G 8 Samuel Brown, Donegall Street
26 Mrs. Brown, King Street
69 James Burden, Falls
20 Miss Cairns, York Street
18 Robt. Callwell, Chichester Street
47 Ernest Cochran, Wilson's Court
13 Arthur Crawford, Donegall Street
35 John Cunningham, Castle Street, aferw. at Chapel Lane
G 10 James Davison, North Street
34 John Davison, Donegall Street
60 *R Delap, Quay
25 Mrs. Doolittle, Anne Street, at Reid's.
G 17 James Douglass, Donegall Place
G 7 Dr. Drennan, Cabin Hill
G 7 Miss Drennan
J. & R. Dunn
1 Mrs. Durham, M. Row
G 8 *John Ewing, Macedon
34 Miss Fleming
G 11 Thos. Ferguson, Legg's Lane
46 Thos. Garrett, Donegall Street
11 John Gillies
28 Robt. & A. Gordon
G 19 John Graham
G 5 Jas. Grainger, Anne Street
27 Cunningham Greg, Donegall Place
27 Miss Greg, Donegall Place
21 *John Gregg, Castle Street
G 4 Dr. Haliday, Clifton
23 John Hamilton, Donegall Place
G 6 Robt. Hamilton, Wilson's Court
49 R Herdman, Butter Market
36 John Heron, Donegall Street
40 Miss Hevin, Arthur Street
G 15 Robt. Hodgson, High Street ,
55 *John Holmes, Donaghadee
55 John Holmes, Jun.
57 * John H. Houston, Greenville
16 James Hyndman, Donegall Street
Mrs. A. Hyndman
58 * Henry Joy, Donegall Square North
G 2 Mrs. Kearns, Anne Street
52 Mrs. Kenley, Castle Street
24 Mrs. Law, Donegall Street
54 Mrs. Luke, North Stred
62 Thos. Lyle, High Street
33 * William Magee, Lodge
15 Miss Mattear, Castle Street
15 Mrs. Mattear, High Street
70 John Martin, 14, Anne Street
41 Miss Miles, Rosemary Street
71 Gawn Montgomery, L. George Street
51 Henry Montgomery, Bridge Street
12 * Hugh Montgomery, Benvarden
12 James Montgomery, Bank Buildings
71 James Montgomery, High Street
38 R Montgomery, Sandymount
G 14 Arthur Moreland, Cornmarket, afterw. at Cromac
2 William Mulrea, Bridge Street, afterw. at High Street
6 George M'Adam
7 *James M'Adam, High Street
6 John M'Adam, High Street
51 Miss M'Aulay, Castle Street
29 Hugh M'Calmont, Abbey Lands
G 12 Mrs. M'Cleery, Smithfteld
32 R M'Cluney, High Street
G 13 Dr. M'Gee, North Street
30 Gilbert M'Ilveen, Castlesburn
67 Miss M'Kedy, York Street
24 David M'Tier, Hazle Bank
G 7 Mrs. M'Tier, South Parade
39 William Napier, Back of the River
G 9 William Nichol, Skipper's Lane
64 James Orr, South Parade
66 James Park, Bally Macarret
6 James Patterson
53 John Patterson, High Street
59 Miss Patterson, Castle Street
G 16 *R Patterson, High Slreet
8 William Radcliffe, North Street
52 James Ramsey, Donegal Street
Samuel Rankin
62 John Riddel, High Street
G 11 Miss Robinson, High Street
55 John Russel, New Forge
55 William Russel, Edenderry
72 Jordan Rutherford, Church Street
61 Mrs. Seed, Donegall Square North
G 1 John Sinclair, Donegall Place
G 1 Mrs. Sinclair, Donegall Place
G 1 Thomas Sinclair, Donegall Place
1 George Sloan, Arthur Street
G 3 John Sloan, Donegall Place
26 Edward Smith, Auchinbrach
56 John G Smith, High Street
56 Miss Smith, South Parade
10 Mrs. Smith, John Street
63 Samuel Smith, Woodville
73 James Stevely, Waring Street
G 10 David Stormont
5 Christ. Strong, Anna's Cottage
14 Campbell Sweeney, South Parade
4 Arthur Thompson, Back of the River
22 John Thomson, Jenneymount
56 Dr. Thompson, Castle Street
68 R Telfair, County
68 R Telfair Jun., Prince's Street
William Telfair
65 William Tennent, Hercules Street
G 18 John Ward, Arthur Street
19 George Whitla, Donegall Street
19 William John Whitla, Donegall Street
45 Miss Wills, High Street, Pottinger's Entry
9 Mrs. Wilson, Castle Street
48 Mrs. Wilson, Long Lane





[The list, with addresses, is from the Minute Book; the pew numbers are from the printed list of 1833.]

39 Hugh W. Armstrong, College Square
39 Mrs. Armstrong, College Square
20 George Bamber, iVr. P. Quin's, High St.
13 Allen Barklie, Donegall Street
27 Mrs. Batt, Purdysburn
50 Alexr. Black
Matthew Black, Bridge Street
43 Mrs. Blackwell, Dromore
49 Thos. Blain, Chichester Street
Cunningham Boyd, Fort Breda
John Boyd, Fort Breda
66 William Boyd, Fort Breda
68 William Boyd, Jr., Arthur Street
63 James Bristow, Castle Street
63 Joseph Bristow, Castle Street
63 William Bristow, Donegall Square South
G 14 Saml. Bruce, Chichester Street
Dr. Burden, Alfred Street
69 Miss Burden, Alfred Street
John Caird, College Square
18 R Callwell, Wellington Place
1 James Carruthers, Newtonbreda
72 Thos. Chirmside, Bridge Street and College Square
G 22 Chas. Creek, North Street
47 Barber Cunningham, Rosemary Street
14 Mrs. James Cunningham, Chichester Street
35 John Cunningham, Queen Street
35 Thos. Cunningham, Mill Street
9 John Currel, Linen Hall and Murray Terrace
G 13 James Davison, Sandy Row
60 R Delap, James Street
32 Mrs. C. Dickey, Myrtlefield
Mrs. Drennan, Arthur Street
Lenox Drennan, Arthur Street
5 Miss Dunn, Donegall Street
5 Miss Margaret Dunn, Donegall Street
48 Miss Ferguson, Castle Place
G 18 Mrs. Ferguson, Chichester Street
46 William Ferguson, Ferguson's Entry, High Street
G 19 F. D. Finlay, Whig Office and King Street
52 Thomas Garrett, Cromac
Miss Gelston, Arthur Street
G 8 Miss Grainger, Anne Street
G 9 R Hamilton, Wilson's Court
37 John Harpur, Great George's Street
51 John Hartley, Gloucester Street
31 Misses Haven, Arthur Street
36 John Heron, Queen Street
G 10 Rev. T. D. Hincks, Royal Institution
8 John Hodgson, High Street
8 R A. Hodgson, High Street
57 John Holmes Houston, Orangefield
16 Geo. C. Hyndman, Castle Place
58 Henry Joy, Donegall Square North
G 5 Mrs. Kearns, Anne Street
13 John Kennedy, Tomb Street
54 James Luke, Chichester Street
54 Samuel Luke, York Street
G 17 John Machan, North Street
6 Mrs. Malcom, York Street
70 John Martin, Donegall Square East
25 Mrs. Mason
7 James M'Adam, High Street
G 3 John M'Adam, Donegall Street
29 Hugh M'Calmont, Abbey Lands
32 R M'Cluney, Chichester Street
G 28 Alexr. M'Donnell, Skipper Street
G 28 Alexr. M'Donnell, Jr, Skipper Street
31 Mrs. M'Gee, North Street
31 Miss M'Gee, North Street
31 Miss M. A. M'Gee, North Street
67 Miss M'Kedy, York Street
67 Miss A. M'Kedy, York Street
67 MIss C. M'Kedy, York Street
67 Miss J. M'Kedy, York Street
67 Miss M. M'Kedy, York Street
24 David Matear, Hazel Bank
15 Miss Matear, Donegall Square North
15 Mrs. Matear, Donegall Square North
G 12 Alexander Milchell, Ballymacarret
r19 Francis Montgomery, Queen's Street
19 Misses Montgomery, Queen's Street
34 Rev. H. Montgomery, Royal Illstitution
13 James Montgomery, Arthur Street
12 James Montgomery, High Street
38 John Montgomery, Beer's Bridge Cottage
38 Mrs. Montgomery, Beer's Bridge Cottage
Mrs. Montgomery, Donegall Square North
30 Mrs. Montgomery, Donegall Square South
Mrs. Montgomery, Union Place
30 R Montgomery, Donegall Square South
Alexr. Moreland, Anne Street
Arthur Moreland, Cromac
G 21 Thomas Moreland, Hercules Street
G 6 P. L. Munster, James Street
55 Mrs. Napier, Wellington Place
59 Miss Patterson, Castle Street
G 23 R Patterson, High Street
G 23 William Patterson, High Street
62 John Riddel, High Street
62 Miss Riddel, Mrs. Savage's, Chichester Street
62 Miss M. Riddel, High Street
17 Mrs. Rowan, Merville
45 John Russel, 10 Cromac Place
33 John Russel, New Forge
28 William Russel, Edenderry
G 4 John Sinclaire, Donegall Place
10 Miss Sinclaire, Alfred Street
G 4 Thos, Sinclaire, Wellington Place
53 George Sloan, Chichester Street
John E. Sloan, Queen Street
26 Edward Smith, Linen Hall and Donegall Street
John Galt Smith, High Street
63 Miss Smith, Donegall Square
G 16 Joseph Smyth, High Street
73 James Staveley, Waring Street
48 James Staveley, Junr., Waring Street
Miss Stevenson, Donegall Place
G 13 David Stormont, Sandy Row
4 Mrs. Telfair, Chichester Street
William Tennent, Hercules Place
63 Sam!. Thomson, M.D., Castle Street
F. D. Ward, Coleraine
41 John Ward, College Square
41 Marcus Ward, Gloucester Street
G 20 William White, Bridge Street
64 Francis Wbitla, Donegall Square North
64 Vale. Wbitla, Donegall Square North
G 27 Thomas Williamson, Barrack Street
G 21 John Wilson, Union Place




34 Allen, W. J. C. 17 M'Fadden, Mrs.
27 Andrews, Mrs. 17 M'Fadden, W. H.
60 Armstrong, Mrs. 31 M'Gee, Miss
28 Arthur, Miss M. G 18 M'Keag, Miss
G 8 Baird, Samuel G 13 M'Keen, John
32 Baxter, Mrs. G 28 M'Kinstry, Miss
32 Baxter, R. G 26 M'Loughlin, Miss
32 Baxter, W. G 16 M'Mullen, Elizabeth
65 Bell, Mrs. 21 M'Murray, Thomas
65 Bell, Richard, Jr. 2 M'Ninch, James Watt
67 Benn, George 2 M'Ninch, Joseph
30 Blackley, Mrs. 3 M'Ninch, R
29 Bowles, Charles 2 M'Ninch, William
18 Bowring, Miss G 8 M'Quitty, Thomas
14 Boyd, Mrs, 8 M'Tear, David
54 Boyd, R. (Representatives of) 55 M'Tear, George
71 Briggs, Henry 55 M'Tear, J. S.
44 Bruce, Henry 55 M'Tear, Miss
2 Bruce, James 55 M'Tear, Miss F. M.
44 Bruce, Mrs. 63 M'Tear, Miss A. C.
44 Bruce, Miss 63 M'Tear, Miss E.
44 Bruce, Miss J. E. G 30 Mairs, Thomas
74 Burden, Dr. H. 20 Major, James
37 Campbell, John 25 Malcolm, Mrs. A. G.
75 Campbell, N. A. 70 Malcolm, Bowman
50 Campbell, Miss 70 Malcolm, Mrs.
50 Campbell, William 31 Malcolm, W. H.
11 Carlisle, John G 23 Martin, David
33 Carr, James G 9 Mateer, John
1 Carruthers, Miss 30 Maxwell, Miss
1 Carruthers, Miss J. 74 May, Mrs.
G 21 Cavan, James 73 Moore, James
4 Charnock, Mrs. 66 Mulligan, Mrs.
10 Creighton, Mrs. 68 Murray, Henry
G 23 Cronne, James 72 Murray, R
35 Cunningham, J. (Representatives of) 18 Musgrave, J. R.
G 15 Davison, John G 24 Neeson, Mrs.
39 Dickson, Mrs. 15 Nelson, John
39 Dickson, R. 36 Notcutt, Miss
10 Dixon, Mrs. 47 Oakman, Nicholas
G 10 Drennan, John, M.D. G 36 Palmer, Benjamin
10 Drennan, Lenox G 12 Palmer, James
37 Drummond, Mrs. G 12 Palmer, Miss Susan
18 Dugan, J. J. 26 Patterson, Mrs.
14 Dunn, John 26 Patterson, D. C.
14 Dunn, Miss 26 Patterson, E. F.
G 19 Ferguson, Miss 26 Patterson, R. L.
G 19 Ferguson, Miss J. 26 Patterson, W. H.
G 29 Forsythe, Mrs. 19 Porter, Anclrew M., Q.C.
28 Gamble, Mrs. 19 Porter, Hon. Wm.
51 Gault, John G 22 Quce, Patrick
G 5 Gawn, James G 27 Rankin, Mrs.
G 28 Gibson, R G 11 Rice, Mrs. Jane
G 28 Goldstein, Mrs. 61 Riddel, Hill
4 Gordon, Alex., M.D. 61 Riddel, Samuel
10 Gordon, Thomas 62 Riddel, William
G 7 Graham, James G 62 Riddel, Miss
16 Graham, Thomas 62 Riddel, Miss I.
G 13 Graham, W. 63 Riddel, Mrs. E.
G 9 Graham, W., junr. 5 Ritchie, Thomas
G 17 Gray, James A. G 18 Robb, Alex.
43 Gray, Mrs. G 11 Rs, Walter
43 Greer, Mrs. 53 Rson, William
66 Greer, W. H. 8 Roche, Mrs.
G 25 Haffern, William G 23 Roddy, Hugh
G 16 Hall, Samuel 38 Rogers, John
G 16 Hall, William 38 Rogers, Thomas
G 13 Hamill, James 30 Rowland, Mrs.
15 Hamilton, W. T. 58 Russell, J. W.
57 Harland, E. J. 8 Scott, Miss
15 Hill, A. C. 37 Sherrard, Misses
31 Hill, Rev. George G 20 Sinclair, George
G 16 Hinchey, William 56 Smith, George K.
25 Home, Wm. 56 Smith, J. Galt
G 22 Johnston, Alexander 16 Smyth, Brice, M.B.
40 Kennedy, John 45 Smyth, Miss
G 24 King, Mrs. 45 Smyth, Miss A. J.
45 Kirker, Archibald 64 Smyth, Mrs. H. C.
6 Kirkpatrick, Mrs. 49 Spackman, William
G 5 Laird, Marshall 28 Steen, Henry
G 12 Lawson, John G 28 Stevenson, James
12 Ledlie, Mrs. G. 70 Stewart, Miss
15 Leslie, James G 20 Stewart, Misses
52 L'Estrange, Thomas G 8 Stewart, Thomas
48 Little, Frederick 69 Taylor, A. O'D.
G 29 Lowry, Mrs. G 13 Templeton, R
G 9 Lyle, Hugh 13 Thomas, H. F.
7 MacAdam, R. S. 20 Thompson, John
G 26 M'Aneaney, Miss 4 Thompson, Miss
21 M'Caul, Joseph 4 Thompson, R
24 M'Caw, Alex. 4 Thompson, Thomas
G 6 M'Caw, James F. G 14 Todd, Miss M. C.
G 14 M'Clenaghan, James 9 Ward, F. D.
58 M'Cloy, Joseph 1 Ward, John
G 13 M'Cracken, R. 41 Ward, Mrs.
G 15 M'Crum, R G 18 Watson, Miss Anna
51 M'Ervel, E. J. 64 Whitla, Miss
12 M'Ervel, James G 21 Williamson, James
12 M'Ervel, Thomas 42 Williamson, Joseph
59 M'Fadden, James



PATRICK ADAIR (p. 54). According to the MS. Sketches of the History of Presbyterians in Ireland, by William Campbell, D.D., 1803, Patrick Adair married Margaret, daughter of Rev. R Cunningham, of Holywood, and sister of Rev. James Cunningham, of Antrim. She must have been his first wife, as Campbell states that she was the mother of William Adair, afterwards minister of Antrim. Campbell is not always accurate; but inasmuch as he was himself minister of Antrim (1759-64), his statement is of some weight. If it be correct, Patrick Adair was thrice married.
SAMUEL BRYAN (p. 54). He was chaplain at least as early as 1664, for in 1666 he was paid 80 for two years' salary (Benn, i. 149). In 1667 he became minister of Cooke Street, Dublin. He died at Chester (Armstrong's Appendix, p. 86).
JOHN M'BRIDE (p. 54) He was called to Ayr in June 1691. He supplied the Blackfriars or College Church, Glasgow, from 12th March, 1705, returning to Belfast after 5th January, 1709.


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